5 Must Have Christmas Gifts For 2017
Christmas is right around the corner and you might not be sure what kind of Christmas gifts 2017 has to offer. Here are 5 must have Christmas gifts to buy this year.


For Christmas this year, a SodaStream carbonated drink maker is a must have. Creating sparkling waters has never been so fun. A SodaStream is a great way to try and kick the habit of drinking those nasty sodas while still being able to drink carbonated drinks.

Fitbit Alta

The Fitbit Alta fitness band is Fitbit’s answer to staying fit and fashionable. The Fitbit Alta helps you stick to those New Year’s resolutions you forget about each year. It reminds you to get up and move throughout your day and tracks you’re your exercise. With various high-quality bands available to bling your Fitbit, you can effortlessly stay fit and fabulous.

Air Fryer

Air fryers are all the rage right now. It is the perfect Christmas gift for 2017. There are a number of brands that have released their own versions, but each air fryer takes the greasy out of fried foods. You can still enjoy fried foods with very little to no oil with the same tasty but healthier result. Delicious just became healthier.

NutriBullet Balance

The NutriBullet Balance is a smart blender that connects to your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth to weigh ingredients inside the blender. The NutriBullet Balance app has a database of recipes that can be catered to specific nutritional goals.

S’well Water Bottle

No one can ever have too many water bottles. S’well bottles are functional and personable. They keep water cold for hours. They come in a variety of sizes and styles. There are simple colors to elaborate and beautiful designs. You stay hydrated with the bonus of staying stylish.