How to Choose the Best Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis Relief
Plantar fasciitis is nearly impossible to eliminate completely; however, you can make life easier on yourself by changing key aspects of your lifestyle, namely your footwear. One of the most common symptoms of plantar fasciitis is stabbing pain in or around the heel. Doctors will recommend that you use a shoe with good arch and heel support, and may send you to a physical therapist. Before you read on, note that each person’s foot is different so, finding the perfect shoe for your issues will be a bit of a trial-and-error process. You may need to try a few duds before you find the winner.


You’ll have to pay attention to the pronation of your arch to determine the best shoe for you. Under pronation or supination tends to mean that you have a low arch or flat foot and your stride rests equally on the inside and outside of the foot. Overpronation means that you’ve got a very high arch, and your stride hits more on the outside of the foot than anywhere else. Lastly, neutral pronation means you’ve got a normal arch, and your stride is well-placed on the outer third of the foot. Depending on what you’re using your shoes for, your stride and the height of your arch your shoe choice will drastically vary. In general, you’ll want to look for shoes with strong heel support, good arch support and soft cushioning. Everyday shoes for plantar fasciitis need to be cushiony, but also needs to provide support so that you do not have a flare up.

Running Shoes

The best running shoes for people with PF would be the Nimbus 18. This shoe is a big winner because of the amount of cushion, and it’s comfortable design. The gel cushioning system in these shoes absorbs the shock your feet would usually take the brunt of, this helps guide your feet into a neutral position. The cons of these shoes are that they may have too much cushioning for people who’re going to be on their feet all day.

Everyday Shoes

The best everyday shoe for patients with PF would be the Vionic Orthaheel Walker. These shoes are suitable for both men and women, and they offer the perfect combination of support, comfort, and stability. They’re a little clunky, aesthetically speaking; however, these shoes offer the stability not to aggravate your plantar fasciitis condition.


Most people with PF don’t bother with sandals or flip flops because the average shoe offers no support for your heel and foot arch. That all changed with The Healing Sole. Our shoe was studied in clinical trials to determine its effectiveness. Over the course of the 4-8 week trial patients reported significant decreases in pain due to PF and 94 percent reported that they would recommend the shoe.