Run Wild is Now a Proud Retailer of The Healing Sole
  plantar fasciitis treatment sold Run Wild is an Alexandria, Louisiana based Specialty Running Store.  According to the new owners, "Run Wild boast a cozy atmosphere, where you'll feel relaxed and at home while shopping the fantastic selection offered at our locally owned and operated fitness and outdoor shop." They are located at:
Address: 4611 Jackson St, Alexandria, LA 71303
Hours: 10AM–5:30PM
For more information, visit their website here.
  The Healing Sole- Revolutionary Plantar Fasciitis Treatment Option  The Healing Sole incorporates 5 treatment principles that will work perfectly with physical therapy and other treatment modalities.  The Healing Sole is made with universal treatment principles in mind.  The rocker-bottom sole works for all foot types.  This is similar to why post-operative boots or ankle sprain walkers all look the same.  They are basically just a boot with a rocker bottom.  The rocker bottom accepts high arches, low arches, flat feet, big feet and small feet.  The rocker works for all types. The cushion zone is the medial 33% and 20% on the long access.  This is a zone that encompasses the origination of the plantar fascia and/or heel spur in almost all people.  Again, this is regardless of foot type. The structural nature of the flip flop is designed to support by not giving way; this works for all foot types. The metatarsal bar/arch support is designed to offload the metatarsophalangeal joints (ball of the foot) for total foot rest.  This is positioned and designed to offload the toe joints regardless of foot type. If the Healing Sole fits properly, it will allow each of these features to promote rest, recovery and a gentle stretch. This flip flop is not designed to replace any of your treating physician's suggestions for treatment.  Please ensure that your treating physicians recognize this fact.  The Healing Sole is designed to augment any current treatment plan that you are on.  However, there are times when The Healing Sole is enough by itself.