Start Your Recovery, Join Our Clinical Trial
Posted on Oct 01, 2015
We're proud to announce that Dr. Meredith Warner, the creator of The Healing Sole is conducting a clinical trial out of her private orthopedic practice,Warner Orthopedics, to determine if The Healing Sole will help those suffering from plantar fasciitis and heel pain recover from pain.  We are asking that anyone suffering from chronic heel pain like plantar fasciitis sign up to participate in our study group by signing up here.

We're Determined to Help People Recover Faster

“I have seen first-hand how extremely common and debilitating heel pain is and the negative impact it has on my patient’s quality of life during my time with the Airforce and now in my private practice,” says Dr. Warner.  “I am determined to find a way to help people recover faster from heel pain and do so on their terms, rather than with expensive clinical options like surgery.” Dr. Meredith Warner is on the cusp of a ground breaking innovation and is looking to help millions of people who suffer daily from foot or heel pain.  The ability to help people recover faster or even cure plantar fasciitis would allow millions of people to get back to walking, exercising, playing with family and simply doing what they love to do.

The purposes of the clinical trial are as follows:

  • Assess The Healing Sole’s™ impact on preventing heel or foot pain
  • Analyze the recovery capabilities of The Healing Sole™ with regard to pain

Want to Participate in Our Clinical Trial?

We're looking for participants who are experiencing chronic heel pain like plantar fasciitis that are looking for a solution to their constant pain.  The study will take place over the course of 3 months and will require a total of 2 in office visits.  For your participation in our study, you will receive the following compensation:
  • free pair of The Healing Sole ($149 value)
  • Exclusive, first access to the clinical trial report findings
If you're interested in participating in our study, simply sign up using the button below. [mk_button dimension="flat" corner_style="full_rounded" size="large" btn_hover_bg="#c5ce1d" align="center" url=""]Sign Up for Our Clinical Trial[/mk_button]