5 Natural Ways To Relieve Diabetic Neuropathy
Posted on May 12, 2021

While there is no cure for diabetes (beyond weight loss and glycemic control for DM2) or peripheral neuropathy, there are many options available to help protect against its symptoms and progression.

Many of these are natural treatment methods, too!

Here are five ways that you can protect your body against potential discomfort from neuropathic changes with simple lifestyle choices and natural supplements.


The name of the game when it comes to fighting off complications of neuropathy, such as neuropathic pain, from diabetes is to manage your diabetes.

Start simply by reflecting on your diet and daily habits, and make healthy changes as needed!

1. Keep Your Blood Sugar Levels Balanced

Healthy blood sugar levels fight the risks of developing peripheral neuropathy and promote better health for your nerves, skin, and blood vessels. Test your blood glucose regularly, and stay on track with medical checkups.

Your diet plays a large part in keeping your blood sugar at healthy levels.

Nutrient-, fiber-, and water-rich fruits and veggies are a key staple for a healthy diet.

Drink at least 48 ounces of water daily, and avoid consuming salty foods. This should stay below 2300mg of sodium each day. These recommendations are general and might vary depending upon your particular condition. Consult with your physician or a nutritionist.

2. Manage Your Stress!

Stress is one of the major causes of health issues ranging from depression and anxiety to muscle pain and physical fatigue. This can have great impacts on your diabetic neuropathy, as well.

As stress levels rise, so does inflammation. This can exacerbate your diabetic symptoms and make nerve pain and blood pressure worse.

Diabetes is considered a ‘non-communicable chronic disease’ and is thought to start with low-grade chronic inflammation in the body. In theory then, having baseline control of inflammation could help with a lot of the symptoms of such chronic diseases.

How do you maintain baseline control of low-grade inflammation? One way is to reach for natural anti-inflammatories. Meditate, practice acupressure for anxiety, and do something you enjoy like walking outdoors or reading. This can help to ease your symptoms and better manage your stress.

3. Keep Toxins Out Of Your System

Chemicals and heavy metals can leach into your body from your environment or lifestyle habits. Pollution, smoking cigarettes, and using chemical household cleaners can contribute to the number of toxins that accumulate in your body. Actually, in the modern age, there are too many ways that chemicals and heavy metals can enter your body to discuss in detail. Just be aware this is a danger present in our lives.

Heavy metals get into the system and then combine with other molecules and cause damage. This can lead to issues with liver and kidney function and can damage your body on a cellular level.

Cut smoking, avoid chemical beauty products or cleaners, and opt for organic foods to limit your exposure. Clean water is a must. You can also utilize natural detoxifiers like chlorella to actively bind heavy metals in your body and flush them from your system!

4. Take Care Of Your Skin – Especially On Your Feet

Nerve damage can have surface-level indicators. This is why it is important to check your hands and feet daily for any signs of issues on your skin.

Your feet are especially susceptible to injury as they go unseen most of the day. Also, peripheral neuropathy is often accompanied by nerve damage and numbness in your feet.

Be on the lookout for ulcers, sores, blisters, and other injuries that could become infected or inflamed.

Keep your finger and toenails trimmed and filed, and wash your skin regularly to rinse away any bacteria that has accumulated. Dry off thoroughly, apply lotion to keep skin hydrated, and protect your skin with breathable socks and fabrics.

5. Fight Pain With Natural Ingredients

Natural supplements are available that can aid in pain relief without the need for chemical pain management or extensive treatment.

Look for Alpha-Lipoic Acid for anti-inflammation and improved insulin sensitivity! Omega-3 fatty acids, Resveratrol, and PEA are other natural anti-inflammatories that also protect the body from nerve pain and cellular damage.

Find these ingredients in supplement form, or look for them in foods that can be easily incorporated into your daily meals!


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