Meredith Warner, MD, MBA


Education – Medical

The University of Texas Medical Brand at Galveston Fellowship in Foot and Ankle Surgery, 2004 – 2005

Tulane University Hospital Orthopedic Surgery Residency, 2000 – 2004

Tulane University Hospital and Clinic General Surgery Residency, 1999 – 2000

Thomas Jefferson University Medical School Doctor of Medicine 1995-1999

Education – Business Louisiana

Louisiana State University, Masters in Business Administration


  • Tulane University Marmor
  • Award for Outstanding Resident BALS, Medical Scholars Program, University of Delaware
  • USAF Health Professions Scholarship Recipient

The Patent Pending "Healing Sole" Flip-Flop

Patent Pending, US 13/103,746

Filed May 9, 2011

Description – "An improved footwear solution" This is a sandal or flip-flop developed for the treatment of heel pain. Heel pain is one of the most common of human afflictions. Through my experience, education and training I was able to develop this device which will be affordable and accessible to anyone.

Product Highlights:

It looks like a simple flip-flop. But the Healing Sole uses a high-tech design based on foot and gait biomechanics that allow a patient to heal plantar fasciitis pain while the patient is in motion. The Healing Sole reduces other forms of foot pain, such as heel spurs, and is also helps to strengthen and protect vulnerable, injury prone, feet from future problems. Dr. Warner’s design is informed by firsthand observations of patients during her time in Iraq and Afghanistan as a U.S. Air Force Combat surgeon. What makes this flip-flop unique for treating plantar fasciitis are these six clinical treatments built into the one design:

  • Stretching the plantar fasciitis – (raised toe heel – cluffy wedge)
  • Foot structure and joint stress reduction – (raised arch support)
  • Muscle Tension reduction while in motion – (rocker bottom sole)
  • Foot heel pressure reduction – (compressible inner heel)
  • Forced correction in foot strike – (non-compressible outer heel)
  • Reduced MTP joint pressure – (metatarsal bar)

A clinical trial showed 80% of patients reporting a significant improvement in plantar fasciitis foot pain and function. Available at:

  • Online at The Healing Sole
  • Warner Orthopedics
  • Varsity Sports

Interview Resources – Q&A with Dr. Warner

Q| When did you get the idea to come up with such a unique product?

A| "One of the main complaints after a big 10-mile ruck march with 90 pounds of battle rattle is foot pain", says Dr. Warner, who explains that her fellow soldiers spent most of their time in combat boots or flip-flops for the shower.

You need to rest the foot and recover it just like any other body part," says Warner. "At the time, there was no good flip-flop to do that, particularly for athletes and people who work on their feet and I just thought, well, what if we make the problem into a treatment?"

Q| How is this plantar fasciitis treatment different?

A|"Most everything out there on the market is a very soft shoe with a very large arch support, which I don’t think does anything for foot health long-term. This lets the body heal itself. It’s a high-tech design that appears to be simple, and works while the patient is in motion.

Traditional treatments for plantar fasciitis such as custom orthotics, steroid injections or surgery range from several hundred dollars into the thousands. The Healing Sole flip-flop costs approximately $150."

Q| How fast can patients expect recovery?
A| "If you do nothing and put no pressure on your foot, your foot will likely heal itself in 18 to 24 months, but people can’t and shouldn’t stop walking for 18 months.

My role as a physician is to speed up that process. A handful of Warner’s patients have experienced recovery within a month. Others have been able to use their other treatments such as physical therapy or orthotics less often after several weeks.

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