5 Recovery Tips for People Who Work on Their Feet
Posted on Jun 01, 2016
Working on your feet all day is known to cause foot pain. When you overuse your feet they let you know, and the side effects can be terrible. Standing for 8 or more hours a day can lead to intense swelling, tingling and pain. It’s common for this pain to be centered on the heel. If left untreated, the stress you put on your feet from standing can ultimately lead to plantar fasciitis. Proper treatment and prevention can provide relieve, making it much easier to stay focused on your work. Here are a few recovery tips to help you recover from your next tough shift.

Get the Right Fit

Wearing the right shoe makes a huge difference. A shoe that fits your foot properly and that’s designed for your needs always works best. When shopping for shoes be sure to try them on and ensure the fit is right for your foot. Shoes that are too large or small will lead to fatigue and pain. Look for good arch and heel support to minimize pain. Avoid narrow-toed shoes or high heels because they provide the least amount of support and aren’t good for long-term wear. Also look for shoes that help with absorbing shock and weight distribution.

Rotate Shoes

Change the shoes you wear every day can help alleviate foot pain in a number of ways. It’s easy to have a go-to pair of shoes for work, but you can be doing more damage than good. When you switch up your footwear you’re changing the pressure points and the areas of support for your foot. Alternating will relieve those overused areas and constantly activate different muscle groups in the foot. Don’t be afraid to switch it up, your feet sure don’t mind!

Divide Time Between Standing and Walking

While at work divide your time wisely for the best relief. Switch between standing, walking and sitting as often as possible. Sit as many hours as you can so you can relief your whole leg. If you aren’t allowed to sit temporarily while on the job try walking around to stimulate blood flow throughout the legs. For long periods of standing try shifting balance from one leg to another. This will give one leg a chance to rest and allow the other to take control of supporting your weight.

Modify the Surface You Stand On

If the surface you stand on at work is hard like concrete, asphalt or brick try adding some padding. Any type of mat or carpet will decrease pressure on the feet. Hard surfaces are the worst surface for the feet so adding some form of support will undoubtedly lead to relief.

Elevate Your Feet

When you get time off at home rest your feet! However, be smart about you’re time off. Sit or lie down, and elevate your feet to help reduce pressure and swelling. Stay off your feet as much as possible when you’re home so you can reduce pain. When exercising avoid activities like jogging or running for exercise, high impact sports can lead to even more pain.