Are Your Winter Shoes Causing Foot Pain?
Posted on Dec 16, 2023

Just as you winterize your car for colder temperatures, prioritizing the health and comfort of your feet is equally important. You carefully choose winter footwear to protect against the cold, but often your shoes or boots result in unexpected foot pain that sidelines you from your favorite winter activities.

Foot pain may result from various factors related to the design, fit, and even the materials used in construction. Many winter shoes lack essential features such as correct arch support and insulation. Let’s reveal some of the common and surprising culprits in your shoes or boots that may be causing discomfort.

Common Causes of Winter Footwear Pain

Inadequate Insulation

The goal of winter footwear is to keep our feet warm. Still, the lack of proper insulation and insufficient or defective padding can result in soreness and cold feet, especially in extreme temperatures.

Improper Arch Support

Arch support is crucial for weight distribution and shock absorption especially if you do a lot of walking or standing for long periods. Pain, discomfort, and fatigue can quickly occur without sufficient arch support. It’s vital for optimizing overall foot health.

Overall Fit

Shoes or boots that are too narrow can squeeze toes and cause bunions to hurt or worsen chronic foot problems. Beware of shoes that are too loose because they can cause friction and blisters. A proper fit is essential for comfort and warding off foot-related conditions and complications.

Up to 80% of people don’t know their true shoe size. If you can, find a store with a Brannock device and get measured!

Materials Used

Winter footwear may be advertised as “waterproof” but be aware that sometimes waterproof materials may not be fully “breathable” resulting in sweaty feet that may trigger fungal infections.

To alleviate foot pain this winter, make sure to invest in well-insulated, breathable footwear with proper arch support. The Healing Sole offers several winter styles so you can fully enjoy the season and all of your favorite activities.

By popular request, orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Meredith Warner invented this closed-toe version of her flip-flop designed to treat plantar fasciitis and foot pain using the same patented technology.

It features a durable rubber outer sole that affords better traction on ice and snow than leather-soled shoes. The design is rounded out with a low-profile and comfortable arch support, breathable suede material, targeted off-loading, and a rocker bottom that stretches your foot as you walk and helps you heal from pain.

Treat foot pain from the inside and outside with these two surgeon-formulated products:

Daily Multivitamin

In winter months (even in regions with plentiful sunshine) vitamin D deficiency occurs and can put you at risk for bone weakening, bone pain, and foot pain. Vitamin D is essential to help protect from an increased risk of bone fractures. This daily multi is packed with bioavailable vitamins D, C, Zinc, and more to support connective tissue and joint health and help combat degeneration. The addition of PEA offers strong natural pain relief and combats inflammation.

Foot Pain Relief Cream

Provides natural topical relief of myofascial and ligament discomfort with a soothing mix of pain-relieving PEA, cooling 3% menthol, and Dr. Warner’s personal blend of essential oils. This extra strength formula delivers a quick-absorbing, moisture-rich solution to ease muscle tension and improve range of motion. Aloe vera juice, shea butter, and hyaluronic acid keep winter skin soft and moisturized. This powerful therapy and muscle recovery support can be used year-round to ease muscle pain, joint stiffness, and inflammation.