Can Fibromyalgia Cause Foot Pain
Posted on Nov 17, 2022

What Is Fibromyalgia?

Fibromyalgia is a condition where musculoskeletal pain is present throughout the body and is usually accompanied by fatigue, sleep, memory, and mood issues. It is thought that pain associated with fibromyalgia stems from overstimulated nerves. This condition causes chemical changes in the brain and spinal cord. Fibromyalgia is a ‘central sensitization syndrome’.  

Fibromyalgia Foot Pain

Due to fibromyalgia’s widespread pain caused by overstimulated nerves, pain can hit anywhere on the body including the feet. Studies show that those that suffer from fibromyalgia are more likely to experience foot pain than other individuals. Foot pain can be some of the most debilitating pain because walking is crucial for most people to go about their normal day.

It is thought that most fibromyalgia foot pain is an intensified symptom of other underlying foot problems like plantar fasciitis, flat feet, overpronation, etc. Since fibromyalgia makes pain perception more intense, these foot conditions, when stacked with fibromyalgia’s faulty nerve stimulation, can be excruciating.

If you have fibromyalgia and experience pain in your feet, seeking a more in-depth diagnosis for your foot pain can help you understand how to better manage your pain if there is an underlying condition.

How You Can Manage Fibromyalgia Foot Pain

Your first step should be to make sure you are wearing appropriate shoes. Look for shoes that provide structural support and help offload stress from your target areas. Many people will want to jump on a pair of soft squishy shoes with memory foam, but they will not help your feet in the long run.

The Healing Sole footwear is designed to offer structural support and help stretch, strengthen, and absorb impact with every step. Our goal isn't to give you temporary pain relief - we want you to achieve long-term pain relief by helping you improve your foot health with every step.