February Wellness Webinar: The Mediterranean Diet
Posted on Mar 01, 2021

We hope you were able to join us live, but if not, you can watch the seminar recap here:

At The Healing Sole, we love sharing ways for you to live a happy, healthy, pain-free lifestyle.

We do this by providing you with our surgeon-designed footwear from The Healing Sole and our surgeon-formulated Well Theory products for full-body wellness.

We are now sharing monthly seminars live on Facebook to take this a step further!

Every month, Dr. Meredith Warner - our companies founder and the orthopedic surgeon behind our well-loved products - will be sharing a new topic on pain relief and wellness.

This month, she discussed the amazing health benefits of the Mediterranean Diet for heart health and inflammation relief!


We gave away a Well Theory Inflammation bundle to one lucky viewer of our live seminar! They will be receiving a bottle of our Essential Multivitamin with PEA and a bottle of our Tart Cherry Extract Supplements.

For inflammation relief, reach for these Well Theory products:

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We've already got another fantastic seminar in preparation for this month!

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