How to Get Off the Couch and Start Working Out
Posted on Jul 31, 2017
The best way to maintain your health is to exercise and eat right. However, getting off the couch and getting into those sweats can be really intimidating. Why get up when you can stay on the couch and binge watch all 10 season of Friends? Exercise is essential to a healthy lifestyle, even if you’ve backed off the junk food, it's time to jump on the exercise train! The best time to get motivated and get into the gym is NOW! We know it's hard to get yourself geared up for working out, so follow our 10 step program to a better health!
  1. Admission – Be honest with yourself. Are you overweight? Are you lazy? That’s okay! It's time to come clean with yourself and change your ways! Exercise has amazing health benefits, with the bonus addition of helping you to lose a few extra pounds. If you’re bigger than you want to be, exercise can help you shred those pounds. If you’re not as strong as you’d like to be, exercise can help you achieve those goals. The first step to making a lifestyle change is admitting that you want your life to be better in some way.
  2. Get a Buddy – Some people need a friend to keep them on the right path to their goals. Sometimes the best way to help a friend achieve their goals is for you to be that person that calls them out when they make up excuses. Find a partner that you know will keep you motivated and keep you away from the couch!
  3. Schedule– When you start working out, don’t make a long term commitment. Tell yourself you’ll exercise today. Then repeat that goal for the next day, and the next.
  4. Lose the Embarrassment – The first day at the gym is the hardest. Don’t be afraid to go in, just because you might be new. Get over it. Everyone at the gym is focused on their goals, not on shaming you for putting yourself out there! Walk the “walk of shame” with confidence! You’re starting a new journey and no one can stop you!
  5. Plan It– Instead of wandering aimlessly through the gym like a lost puppy, check online for a good workout so you get the most bang for your workout buck. Your time is valuable. Make the most out of it. If you make a plan for your workout before you hit the gym floor, you’re going to keep yourself in check, and not worry about what's coming next.
  6. Find Inspiration -- Inspiration surrounds you. Find someone you know who has changed their life through hard work and eating right and get inspired. Let someone else's story inspire you to change and grow.
  7. Do What You Love – Don’t lift weights if you hate lifting weights. Don’t run if you hate running. When you don’t like the exercise you’re not going to be consistent. If you’re avoiding the gym because you don’t like your workout, find a form of exercise that you enjoy. There are thousands of different workout routines available online or in a gym, find one that gets your heart and soul racing. If you love running, then run. If you love dancing, try Zumba. You need to find a way of enjoying yourself while you work out if you’re going to be successful in achieving your goals. There is sure to be something out there that satisfies you!
  8. Ask yourself one simple questionWhat are you afraid of? It’s surprising how much negativity is in our heads about exercise. Maybe you got lazy, maybe you got busy, maybe you’ve got a confidence problem. No matter what, if its holding you back from developing a healthy lifestyle, get rid of it.
  9. Get Up – The last and usually hardest step is simply getting yourself off of the couch and into the gym. Remind yourself everyday why you're working out. What are your goals? Try coming up with an affirmation to keep yourself motivated. Keep of a copy of it by your bed, your desk or on the back of the television remote. Remember the best time to change your life is right now, so, get moving!