Here Are Your Solutions To Forefoot Pain
Posted on May 10, 2021

Our feet are maybe the most abused part of our bodies.

They have to support our full weight and for some of us, they just aren’t doing the best job of keeping us upright.

One common type of foot pain is pain of the forefoot.

Forefoot pain can take many forms, and today we are going to talk about ways to find relief from forefoot pain.


These are some of the most common types of forefoot pain people experience. If you are not sure what type of pain you are experiencing, seek out a professional for a diagnosis.

Morton’s neuroma

Morton’s neuroma is caused by a pinched nerve typically located between the third and fourth metatarsal heads.


Sesamoiditis is caused by inflammation of the sesamoids at the base of the big toe.


A bunion occurs when the bones of the MTP (metatarsophalangeal) joint move out of alignment and cause the joint to enlarge and seem to push out of the skin on the inside of the foot.


Hammertoes occur when a toe’s middle joint is bent downward. It most often occurs in the second and third toes.

A hammer toe will rub the top of a shoe’s upper and blistering and pain occur.


These are just a few ways that you can find relief from forefoot pain:


Over-the-counter pain medications like ibuprofen, aspirin, and naproxen can temporarily relieve the pain felt by most forefoot pain conditions.

However, it can be compared to slapping a bandaid on a gunshot wound. It’ll help in the short-term but it isn’t going to do a great job in the long term.

If you are taking NSAIDs daily for pain management, you need to be aware of the side effects that can occur in long-term usage.

Some of these side effects include kidney damage and gastric ulcers.  

Remember, most NSAIDS have only been FDA approved for short-term use.

Even with the risk effects, NSAIDs are a quick and easy way to relieve severe and acute pain.

These are available over-the-counter, but you should always check with a medical professional.


Wearing supportive footwear can make a huge difference in the forefoot pain you experience from your condition.

Orthotic inserts and other specialized footwear are designed to help your body absorb and redistribute the impact your feet encounter while walking.


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