5 Plantar Fasciitis Stretching Techniques
Posted on Dec 23, 2020

Plantar fasciitis is an extremely common condition that causes people a lot of pain and discomfort. It occurs most commonly in athletes as they're incredibly active and put a lot of stress on their feet, but is just as likely to occur in people who spend their time on their feet, like mothers or car salesman.

Plantar fasciitis stretching is one of the easiest and most commonly recommended methods of pain relief, as it can greatly improve comfort levels. In this post, you'll find 5 plantar fasciitis stretches and exercises designed to help relieve pain associated with plantar fasciitis and increase mobility.


Plantar fasciitis stretching helps to relieve the pain and symptoms of plantar fasciitis. The first stretch is performed while sitting down, with one leg crossed over the other and stretches the plantar fascia itself. To perform the stretch:

  • Cross one leg over the other
  • Support your leg with one hand (so it doesn't fall down)
  • Grab your toe, and pull your toes back towards you

This stretch not only stretchers the plantar fascia but the Achilles as well. While performing this stretch, you can use your free hand to massage the plantar fascia while it's stretched, or even apply a topical pain relief cream as well.


The standing stretch can be performed just about any time of day, anywhere you are! To perform this stretch:

  • Remove your shoes
  • Stand with your toes and the ball of your foot elevated against a wall
  • Lean forward with your hip towards the wall, stretching the plantar fascia

This stretch can be performed several times a day, when you first wake up and even when you're out at work and need a bit of relief.


The towel stretch is one of the more commonly known plantar fasciitis stretching techniques, and for good reason. It really works! This stretch can be done immediately upon waking, to help stretch the plantar fascia and Achilles and relieve pain during the worst time of day for plantar fasciitis sufferers. To perform this stretch you'll:

  • Sit up and extend your legs straight out in front of you
  • Hook a towel around the ball of your foot
  • Holding both ends of the towel, pull back gently and stretch your foot
  • Hold this stretch for 5-10 seconds, repeating and gradually attempting to pull a little bit further


Ball rolling is great for anyone suffering from plantar fasciitis, but can help anyone who's dealing with foot pain and looking for relief. The stretch itself is about as simple as you can get:

  • Place a ball, water bottle or foam roller on the floor
  • Place the ball between the ball of your foot and heel, rolling it back and forth giving your foot a massage
  • Use as much pressure as you can tolerate, but be gentle to avoid aggravating any condition you may have


The towel grab may seem like the silliest of the exercises listed here, as you get to treat your toes and fingers, but it can greatly reduce pain from plantar fasciitis especially after waking up. Overnight, your feet can cramp up and contract, this stretch helps to relieve that cramping and wake your feet up. To perform this stretch:

  • Place a towel or pillow case flat on the floor
  • Place for your feet at the edge of the towel
  • Using your toes, left foot then right foot, grab the towel and pull it towards you
  • Repeat this until it becomes easier to pull the towel towards you