Product Highlight: Our Dusty Rose Palmer
Posted on Feb 11, 2021

We at The Healing Sole have been working diligently to expand our style and color options.

We love hearing your comments and suggestions through email and on Facebook, and we want you to know that we take note of each and every idea you share!

Before you ask, we are still developing closed-toe options, and we can’t wait to make them available to you in the future.

One of our top-commented requests has been for new colors in our flip flops, and we are excited to share that we recently released a brand new color to usher in spring and summer:

Our Dusty Rose Palmer Flip Flops!

If you are new to our footwear, we want to share a little bit about the structure of our Palmer flip flops and how they can be your perfect solution to foot pain.


The first characteristic that people notice about our Palmer flip flop is the neutral toe design.

By removing this one particular feature from the Palmer design, many more people can wear and enjoy the relief that our flip flops provide!

Based on feedback, the power of The Healing Sole has not diminished and we are still bringing comfort, great lifestyles, and pain relief to our community.  

Every style of our footwear is designed with 4 main features:

  • A gently-curved rocker bottom sole
  • A metatarsal bar beneath the ball of the foot
  • Moderately raised arch support
  • And a combination compressible inner heel and non-compressible outer heel

These features work fluidly together and with other design factors so that with every step you take, you are able to stretch away tension from the muscles of your feet and calves.

In addition, they provide you with the perfect blend of comfort and support to offload stress that accumulates throughout the day and night.

These features provide lasting relief from conditions including plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, arthritis, Morton’s neuroma, Achille’s tendonitis, posterior tibial tendonitis, and more.

By keeping the toe bed flat, wearers with bunions, hammertoes, Morton’s neuroma, and other conditions affecting the toes and balls of the feet can wear our footwear without any discomfort or irritation.

This is why we call the Palmer flip flop our universally-accessible design!

This style has been well-loved by our wearers, and we are excited to introduce more colors into this exceptional design.


Just recently, we launched a new color in our line of Palmer flip flops, and it’s been a huge hit!

Our new Dusty Rose color is the perfect shade of pink for spring and summer.

This design is for you if you are:

  • fighting foot pain
  • looking to promote the overall health of your feet
  • or looking for a comfortable summer shoe that won’t irritate bunions or hammertoes

Don’t forget – this style is a Limited Supply item.

It’s available now and shipping immediately. Grab your pair of our Dusty Rose Palmer flip flops before they sell out!

Order your pair today.