Product Highlight: The Palmer Flip Flop
Posted on Jan 22, 2021

Today, we’re highlighting the most recent addition to our styles of The Healing Sole – The Healing Sole Palmer! Let’s look at what makes this flip flop stand out, why people love it, and why you may want to make it a member of your frequently-worn footwear.


At first glance, you may not be able to tell the difference between our Palmer flip flop and our best-selling original flip flop.

Both styles are made of high quality, pressed EVA foam for the sole and have comfortable EVA straps. Both have a textured footbed that promotes better proprioception, which is especially helpful for those with neuropathy.

In addition, both styles have the features that you love and that we know are necessary to your relief:

  • a rocker bottom sole
  • raised arch support
  • compressible inner heel
  • non-compressible outer heel
  • and metatarsal bar

These features work together to help you offload stress, relieve pain, and heal naturally.

So, what’s the difference? This importance of this style is all in the toes – specifically, in the absence of the raised toe of our original style.

Let’s take a closer look at this difference and why it can mean the world to those with forefoot pain.


We are ecstatic to have so many wearers who have loved our original flip flops.

The features of the flip flops – including the elevated toe ramp – work throughout the motion of your gait pattern to protect the sole of the foot from impact and stretch out tension in the muscles of the feet and lower legs.

However, for those with pain in the toes, balls of the feet, or forefoot, this raised toe may cause more irritation than anything else.

By taking away this ramp, those with bunions, hammertoes, Hallux Rigidus or Limitus, Morton’s neuroma, capsulitis, Freiberg’s disease, sesamoiditis, and more can find the same pain relief and success that our original flip flop offers without causing pain or irritation to their toes and forefoot.

The Healing Sole is designed to reduce stress and pressure across the ball of the foot.

The structure of our flip flop also prevents contractures of the toes, providing much-needed relief to the joints of the big toe! This allows you to walk easily, without being slowed down by pain or irritation.


So many of our wearers have loved the Palmer, which is exactly why we are diligently working to expand its color range! The first step on this journey was to release an exciting new color and texture – the soft-touch leopard Palmer.

This style still has the textured EVA footbed and flexible neoprene straps, but we have added a soft, velvety strip of leopard pattern to the top of the strap.

When we released this new pattern for preorder, we weren’t sure how you were going to receive it – but our order numbers exploded!

We’re excited to have you wear this new neutral that we know will work with any outfit.


You have been asking for new colors in our surgeon-designed footwear, and we are ecstatic to bring your our newest addition to the family. Let's give a great big welcome to our Dust Rose Palmer flip flop!

Here's the best part. This color is available now - no preorder, no waiting! This style is selling out fast. Place your order today before this limited release item is gone.


Our Palmer flip flops have become a deeply-loved member of The Healing Sole family. For those with forefoot pain, toe deformities, or those who simply prefer the flat toe bed to the elevated ramp, the Palmer is here to meet your needs and provide you with relief.

If you are interested in trying the Palmer for yourself, order today with our 30-day satisfaction guarantee. Try them, love them, or return them if you don’t – but we really, really hope you do.