How to Relieve Heel Pain and Plantar Fasciitis with a Tennis Ball
Posted on Jan 02, 2018

One of the most common and easiest tools used to relieve heel pain and the pain of plantar fasciitis is the tennis ball. No need to go out and purchase an expensive massage roller or specialty massage ball when you already have a good tennis ball lying around your house right now. There are a few different exercises you can start doing to help relieve yourself of plantar fasciitis and heel pain.


Sitting Rolling Massage

While sitting in a chair with a straight back, place the arch of your foot onto the tennis ball. Slowly push your foot forward and backward while applying pressure to the ball. Keep the tennis ball between your toes and heel. Do this for about 30 seconds two to three times a day.


Standing Rolling Massage

The standing rolling massage applies the same principle as the sitting rolling massage with the benefit of being able to apply more pressure. We recommend only progressing to the standing massage if the pain persists even with the sitting massage.


Wall Flex

This wall flex stretch will help you strengthen not just your foot to relieve heel and plantar fasciitis pain, but will also help you strengthen your ankles and legs. You will need to place the tennis ball against a wall and place your foot on the ball so that it fits just under the upper part of your foot while keeping your heel on the ground and toes flexed. Slowly lean your upper body towards the wall and hold for 3 slow breaths. You will want to repeat this motion 8-10 times for the best possible results.


Relaxation Stretch

The relaxation stretch gently massages your foot and stretches your tendons to relieve heel pain. Place the tennis ball onto the ball of your foot between your toes and arch with your heel elevated and weight on your other leg. Slowly shift your weight to your foot with tennis ball, slightly bend your knees and hold for five seconds. Shift your weight back to your other foot and repeat 5 times on each foot.