The Science Of Slowing Down Aging
Posted on Jul 06, 2022

We typically have negative associations with getting older - slowing down, new aches and pains, worry about disease, or spending less time with loved ones. A common refrain heard in doctor’s offices across the country is “well doc, I started going downhill when I turned 40.” When considering becoming older, most simply do not want to be a burden on family and friends. 

But we don’t have to subscribe to this concept of inevitable failure of our bodies and brains.   Becoming older should equate to more experiences, not losing any. It should mean we have more quality time with family and friends. Becoming older should mean just that, a passage of time. It should not mean more pain, more stiffness, less cognitive abilities and so forth. The traditional concepts of ‘aging’ should be rejected and we should focus on increasing healthspan and longevity. 

Our Daily Choices Impact The Aging Process

Aging optimally begins with daily healthy and corrective actions. It is not too late to start no matter one’s age today. This is important because we make choices everyday for how we want to live, and these lifestyle decisions impact us at the cellular level. Most of who you are and how healthy you are comes from the environment and not genetics.

In fact, most scientists believe genetics have control of only about 10% of what makes ‘us’. That 10% is out of your control. However, the remaining 80-90% of ‘you’ is entirely within your control. Only today, with today’s wellness industry and newer technologies, have we been able to understand this. We are embarking on a wonderful time in healthcare when people like you will actually be empowered to manage and improve your own health and to actually prevent disease.  

This may seem obvious, but diet plays a huge role in how our bodies feel as we age. As the saying goes, “you are what you eat”.

Dr. Warner is a big advocate of the Mediterranean Diet, which features fruits, vegetables, fish and seafood rich in omega-3, whole grains, nuts, and olive oil. It also includes the option of a glass of red wine, which includes Resveratrol - a natural ingredient we’ll talk about later in this blog. Moderate alcohol intake is totally different from heavy alcohol intake. Heavy or troubled use of alcohol does not have any positive health benefits. This dietary concept and lifestyle is approachable and inclusive of socializing, working and exercising along with stress reduction. Each of those components contribute to optimizing the healthspan.  


And while the Mediterranean Diet is a great starting point for overall health, you likely can’t get what you need from diet alone every day. And let’s face it - you’re up against a lot.



As people navigating the world, we choose quick food over a healthy meal more often than we want to admit, and we face external factors like polluted air, pesticides, and smoke. All these factors and more can lead to oxidative stress and chronic inflammation.

How Are Oxidative Stress and Inflammation Harmful?

Oxidative stress and chronic inflammation are two harmful byproducts of our body’s natural processes. They are magnified intensely by contributions from our environment.

Oxidative stress refers to the imbalance between our body’s production of reactive oxygen species (free radicals) which cause cellular damage by oxidizing structures, and the amount of antioxidants available to combat them.

Oxidative stress can lead to premature signs of aging, damage to DNA and other vital elements of your cells, along with chronic inflammation. Oxidized proteins and cell membranes will not work correctly. Mutated DNA is generally not a good thing for cellular health.  

An unchecked inflammatory response can lead to low-grade or chronic inflammation throughout your body. This results in age-related diseases like heart disease, cancer, arthritis and more.

Lowering your inflammation levels and combating oxidative stress with antioxidants can drastically improve your odds of aging gracefully.

Well Theory’s Longevity Series

Thankfully, there are ways we can supplement our daily habits positively. Dr. Warner developed her Longevity Series with the goal of aging gracefully. This series helps make this goal attainable for everyone.  

This series features Resveratrol, Berberine, and NMN - three powerful supplements with your long-term health in mind.

As mentioned above, Resveratrol is present in the Mediterranean Diet, most often in red wine, where it comes from the skin of grapes. It is also found in Japanese Knotweed and some other foods. You’d need to drink a lot of wine (too much) to get as much as the 500mg of Resveratrol that’s packed in these single-ingredient capsules though.

Not only does it reduce overall inflammation, but Resveratrol also activates your AMP-activated protein kinase (AMPK) and Sirtuin proteins. AMPK regulates your energy production and coordinates metabolic pathways, helping your body achieve homeostasis and potentially reduce aging at the cellular level. Your Sirtuin proteins increase insulin sensitivity, which lowers your blood glucose levels. All these benefits of Resveratrol add up to increased cell health, brain function, and lowered inflammation.


While Resveratrol is a great place to start for reducing risk of noncommunicable and age-related diseases, you’ll want to know more about Berberine.

Like Resveratrol, Berberine increases AMPK activation, helping to slow the aging process in your cells. It can also improve your overall cardiovascular health by balancing cholesterol levels, lowering blood pressure and waist circumference. The interesting thing about Berberine is its similar abilities to diabetic drugs that lower blood glucose levels through increased sensitivity to insulin. 

As we age, our levels of NAD+ decline - a vital molecule in the maintenance of healthy cells. NAD+ is needed to move electrons around to allow for better bioenergetics. Dr. Warner’s NMN supplement contains 500mg of NMN (B-Nicotinamide Mononucleotide), a molecule that turns into NAD+ once taken as a supplement. NMN, once converted to NAD+, can increase levels of important sirtuins in the cells as well; it is important to have a good balance of this molecule on hand.  

NMN as a supplement has many benefits - increased metabolism and weight loss, increased mitochondrial metabolism and health, and an improved aerobic capacity. It also helps to decrease oxidative stress and repair damage done to DNA. Negating the harmful impact oxidative stress has on your body can reduce your risk for noncommunicable diseases.

All of these supplements are great on their own, but as a whole, Dr. Warner’s Longevity Series is a powerful and natural way to help slow the aging process and potentially turn back the clock on your biological age too.