Why Arch Support Is Important For Flat Feet
Posted on Oct 15, 2022

Arch support is an important aspect of picking comfortable shoes. But what if you have flat feet?

For those with flat feet, finding the right shoes with the right arch support, has the potential to benefit their overall foot health.

How Do You Get Flat Feet?

Flat feet or fallen arches aren’t always associated with pain, but it can pose greater risk for injury or discomfort later on.

When you have flat feet, you’re likely referring to your medial longitudinal arch. That’s the arch that runs the length of the inside of the foot - not to be confused with the lateral longitudinal arch and transverse arches. Although, these too sometimes need support from the shoes you choose to wear.

Some risk factors for flat feet include obesity, foot or ankle injuries, lack of arch development as a young child and rheumatoid arthritis. Ligamentous instability or tendon attachment problems may also lead to this deformity.  

Arch support is important for everyone, but let’s dive into why it’s perhaps more necessary for those with flat feet.

Why Arch Support Matters

If you have flat feet, you’re at greater risk for injuries and other physical concerns as a result. Your feet take on all the stress and weight of walking during the day, so it makes sense that seemingly small conditions will impact the rest of you.

If you have flat feet you may experience muscle soreness, poor posture and balance, plantar fasciitis, alignment issues and overpronation.

Overpronation refers to the foot rolling excessively inward or downward when walking. If you believe you overpronate, you can check your shoes for wear. If your shoes are more worn down along the inner edge, where the ball of the foot or inside heel lands, then you likely overpronate.

When you have proper arch support in the shoe, you’re placing less stress on the arch and possibly reducing pressure to areas like your plantar fascia.  This assumes that your flat foot is a flexible one. There are some with a more rigid and arthritic flat foot profile and inserts do not help this group.

The Healing Sole Arch Support

A lot of sandals or flip flops have a bad reputation for inadequate arch support. However, The Healing Sole provides appropriate and firm support for those with flat feet. This provides ample relief to the plantar fascia and shock absorption with each step. That said, this was not designed to change anyone’s alignment.

Rather, the low-profile arch elevation provides just enough support to the posterior tibial tendon zone to be helpful, but not enough to cause pain or compression of any nerve structures. If you seek alignment changes, please seek the assistance of a podiatrist and have custom inserts made that would be precise for your condition. The Healing Sole would then function more as a gentle way to assist the medial column of the foot once you are not using the arch supports the doctor designed.  

Dr. Warner also added a rocker bottom sole and metatarsal bar to increase the efficiency of the midfoot, which can improve foot strength and provide a gentle stretch.

If you’re looking for an appropriate arch support in sandals, The Healing Sole has a lot to offer.