Why Rocker Bottom Shoes Are Recommended For Arthritis
Posted on Oct 19, 2022

Let’s face it - arthritis is painful. It can adversely affect the sense of joy you feel from your favorite pastimes and daily routine.

If you’re experiencing arthritis in the foot, making it difficult for you to walk, then you know this to be especially true. However, you can help relieve some of this pain by choosing the best shoes for you - shoes that have a rocker bottom.

How Rocker Bottom Shoes Help Arthritis

Rocker bottom shoes help relieve arthritis (and other foot pain) by helping to distribute weight more evenly and alleviating pressure. Many people report that their pain is typically felt in the heel and ball of the foot. However, others feel the pain in the midfoot. All of this might be from arthritis. The rocker bottom is a design feature that can, if applied properly, treat each area of pain. So, let’s take a look at how this works.

There are two common types of rocker bottoms: forefoot rocker and heel-to-toe rocker, also known as half and full-rocker soles.

The forefoot rocker places a rocker behind the metatarsal heads, along the transverse arch. This helps those suffering from ball-of-the-foot pain, or pain in the big toe due to arthritis.

A heel-to-toe rocker includes a forefoot rocker and a rocker placed at the back of the foot, so the shoe curves at the bottom (apex of the arch is on the ground).

It alleviates pressure in the midfoot and the heel, making it especially beneficial for those who have arthritis in the midfoot or ankle.

Dr. Warner designed The Healing Sole to have a rocker bottom for this reason - to help alleviate foot stress, along with several other features that optimize weight distribution in the foot.

The Healing Sole For Arthritis Pain

Not only do every style of The Healing Sole feature a rocker bottom, they also include a metatarsal bar, appropriate arch support, compressible inner heel and non-compressible outer heel.

All these features combined work together to promote pain relief for a variety of foot conditions, including arthritis.

The metatarsal bar and forefoot rocker are especially beneficial for those with arthritis in the forefoot. While the compressible inner heel and non-compressible outer heel help the rocker bottom redistribute weight, relieving common pressure points within the foot, such as the heel.  

The overall effect of the hindfoot rocker combined with the forefoot rocker leads to reduced pressure in the midfoot as well. This was the design philosophy behind how the shoe should help.

If you’re experiencing the everyday pain of arthritis, try The Healing Sole.