Your Essential Guide To Our Alpha-Lipoic Acid
Posted on Feb 04, 2023

Daily Support For Diabetic Neuropathy Pain

This daily supplement provides powerful, effective support for diabetic neuropathy pain.

Dr. Meredith Warner loves Alpha-lipoic Acid for those with Peripheral Neuropathy to help the pain, numbness, and tingling stay away naturally!

This helps you ward off harmful inflammation & oxidative stress, which can damage nerves that lead to neuropathic pain.

  • Increased energy
  • Promote healthy nerve function
  • Helps control blood sugar levels in those with diabetes
  • Protects nerves from damaging free radicals Support inflammation levels in the body Supports mitochondrial function
Antidepressants, opioids, narcotics, and more have all been prescribed to "treat" neuropathic pain. However, these medications only treat the symptoms, but not the actual cause of neuropathic pain. Neuropathy occurs when nerves become damaged at the cellular level by inflammation and oxidative stress. Alpha-Lipoic Acid is powerfully antioxidant, and can help reduce this damage at a cellular level, relieving neuropathic pain by addressing the root cause of the problem - not just the symptoms.
- Orthopedic Surgeon, Dr. Meredith Warner, Founder of Well Theory

    Best ever

I was dealing with nerve damage to the point I didn’t have balance or could barely walk. Plus being overweight didn’t help. 2 bottles of this and I’m walking and no longer over weight. Great product.

-Steven B.

     Great Products!

I am very pleased with product My leg & foot nerve pain are so much better. I am on my second bottle. I highly recommend this.

-Robert S.

So happy with results

I have non-diabetic peripheral neuropathy in my feet and lower legs. Previously, I often had nights when the tingling, burning and pain made it nearly impossible to get to sleep. Alpha Lipoic Acid, though it hasn’t cured the neuropathy, has definitely reduced the discomfort to the extent that I rarely have difficulty falling asleep.

-Cynthia P.


Q: Does ALA only work on nerve pain?

A: ALA is an antioxidant with many benefits. It can help reduce symptoms of nerve pain throughout the body, increase insulin resistance, lower blood glucose levels, improve metabolic function, reduce oxidative stress, reduce inflammation, and increase energy levels.

Q: Do you have to be diabetic to take ALA?

A: No, you do not! Alpha-Lipoic Acid can be taken by both diabetics and non-diabetics looking to manage nerve pain.

Q: What type of nerve pain does ALA target?

A: ALA does not have a preference for a type of neural pain. The basic premise is that this lipophilic and hydrophilic antioxidant improves the function of nerves in general. Most pain can be traced to faulty nerve function and the goal with ALA is to improve the cellular function of neurons. The specific type or location of the nerve-based pain is not relevant.

Q: Can I take ALA with my diabetic medication?

A: Since ALA has the ability to lower blood glucose levels it is important to consult with your treating physician if you take insulin or other medications that lower blood sugar as ALA can enhance the effects of these medications too much.

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