Why this orthopedic surgeon recommends NMN

Hi, Dr. Meredith Warner here:

For those that don’t know me, I’m an Air Force Veteran and have a private Orthopedic Surgery practice in Baton Rouge, LA.

For as long as I can remember, I have been telling my patients about the power of Alpha-Lipoic Acid. I’m so happy I can share it now with those outside my clinic doors.


This simple supplement is a natural way to help you slow down the aging process at the cellular level and possibly reduce your biological clock.


This supplement is a precursor molecule to NAD+ a vital molecule utilized by the body in important metabolic processes such as energy production, DNA and cell repair, and insulin sensitivity.

NMN is one of the most bioavailable, efficient, and safest NAD+ boosters available on the market

"The root cause of many of the diseases and dysfunctions can be traced back to underlying metabolic syndrome. High blood pressure, high blood sugar, abnormal cholesterol and triglyceride levels all fall under the umbrella of metabolic syndrome."

Dr. Meredith Warner, Orthopedic Surgeon

NMN Is A Hallmark Supplement In Aging

It helps to slow down the aging process by replenishing diminishing levels of NAD+, a powerhouse molecule used in metabolic processes.


NMM through it’s transformation into NAD+ slows down and potentially reverses the signs of aging on a cellular level through increasing energy production in the mitochondria, decreasing oxidative stress, and repairing DNA.


The NAD+ declines as we age but is critical to many processes in our bodies. NMN is more easily absorbed into cells and easily transform into NAD+ before getting to work to repair cellular damage and efficiency.


NMN increases the aerobic capacity of humans during exercise training, and the improvement is likely the result of enhanced O2 utilization of the skeletal muscle.

Reduce Nerve Pain + Improve Cellular Health

As a physician, Dr. Warner treats a lot of patients suffering from metabolic age-related conditions.

One of the supplements she recommends for these patients, in conjunction with prescription medications, is NMN. This supplement has shown promising anti-aging results in research studies.

NMN affects all areas of the metabolic system. This supplement has been shown to improve metabolic health and reduce the chances of developing a wide range of conditions related to poor metabolism and aging.

Via NMN’s ability to improve mitochondrial health and energy production efficiency, oxidative stress-induced cell damage reduces as Sirtuin proteins promote mitochondrial generation and cell protection.

NMN supplementation has been shown to decrease age-related muscle dysfunction and boost muscular performance via improved energy production at the cellular level.

"I recommend NMN to my patients to help reduce oxidative stress and increase cellular energy levels to help them age gracefully."

Dr. Meredith Warner, Orthopedic Surgeon

DNA Mutates & Becomes Damaged Naturally with Age

My goal is to help people age better, age fitter, and enjoy their old age. We’re all going to get old. You can’t stop that.

Meredith Warner, MD

DNA damage is not an uncommon occurrence. DNA damage is accelerated by exogenous and endogenous sources. Exogenous sources of DNA damage include UV radiation from the sun, polluted air, and pesticides on the food we consume. Endogenous sources of DNA damage include free radical damage caused by oxidative stress.

The majority of humans are exposed to all of these sources of DNA damage and this has become an unavoidable problem we all will eventually face as we grow older and this damage accumulates. DNA damage is happening right now, but the human body has the ability to detect and repair damaged DNA. This happens all of the time in our bodies.

As damage occurs in one cell or section of DNA, a chain reaction of damage is likely to occur leading to inflammation in nearby cells and an increased risk of developing neurodegenerative and metabolic diseases which ultimately lead to a shorter lifespan. Worse, if the damage propagates, mutations can cause cancers.

NMN is a precursor molecule to NAD+ (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) which is one of the main characters in powering DNA repair. NAD+ levels do naturally decrease with age, but through NMN supplementation, you can bring your levels back up to keep DNA repair a functioning process of the body.

How to get results with natural medicine

1. Have a mindset of wellness over time: Don’t Expect It To Feel Like A Synthetic Drug. The timeline for better health with natural medicine is longer than with synthetic pharmaceuticals.

2. Addressing Root Cause: Natural remedies attempt to address the root causes, or the cellular beginnings of a given problem, pain, or inflammation. Naturally, this will take a bit longer and be less noticeable initially. But the results are wonderful.

3. Few Known Side Effects: My Well Theory products are formulated with higher doses of plant-based ingredients to deliver steady results over time – without the harmful side effects found in traditional pharmaceutical applications.

4. Get Blood Work Done: There are inflammatory markers you can check to determine your progress.

5. I Take Everything We Make: I wholeheartedly believe in the power of natural supplements.