Why This Orthopedic Surgeon Recommends Nervous System Multi

Hi, Dr. Meredith Warner here:

As an orthopedic surgeon and Air Force veteran, and as the founder of Well Theory, my primary goal is to prioritize non-operative treatments and functional recovery whenever possible, rather than resorting to surgical or chemical interventions for healing.

The supplements I develop for Well Theory are those I've trusted and recommended to my patients for years. My aim is to empower individuals to achieve functional and lifestyle improvements through proper diet, exercise, and supplemented nutrition.

Nervous System Multi

I'm thrilled about this supplement because it offers robust support for your entire nervous system, targeting issues at the cellular level. This enables nutrients to effectively reach cells and eliminate toxins from the body.

Harnessing potent ingredients such as Omega-3, Algae, Resveratrol, PEA, and more, this multi supplement effectively reduces inflammation, shields nerve endings from oxidative damage, supports optimal aging, and enhances mental clarity.

"I believe there is a natural way to manage and handle most orthopedic and neural problems and pain. This nervous system multi does just that."

Dr. Meredith Warner, Orthopedic Surgeon

Powerful Support For Your Entire Nervous System

Our daily multi provides your body with essential nutrients to naturally produce antioxidants, along with a clinical dose of anti-inflammatories to soothe frayed nerve endings and relieve neuropathic pain.


Our Nervous System Multi offers essential nutrients like NAC to support your body in producing its own antioxidants, which protect against stress, infections, inflammatory conditions, and oxidative stress. It also includes our highest dose of PEA for natural pain relief without heavy medicinal side effects.

Cellular Protection

With ingredients such as Chlorella, this multi effectively removes toxic heavy metals from your body resulting in production of free radicals that cause damaging oxidative stress.

Nerve Pain Relief

Harnessing the power of Omega-3 fatty acids, our multi supports neural tissue flexibility and enhances function, effectively reducing nerve pain.

Brain Health

By incorporating ingredients like Resveratrol to health and Luteolin to diminish brain inflammation, our multi ensures enhanced mental clarity and sharpness.

How to get results with natural medicine

1. Have a mindset of wellness over time: Don’t Expect It To Feel Like A Synthetic Drug. The timeline for better health with natural medicine is longer than with synthetic pharmaceuticals.

2. Addressing Root Cause: Natural remedies attempt to address the root causes, or the cellular beginnings of a given problem, pain, or inflammation. Naturally, this will take a bit longer and be less noticeable initially. But the results are wonderful.

3. Few Known Side Effects: My Well Theory products are formulated with higher doses of plant-based ingredients to deliver steady results over time – without the harmful side effects found in traditional pharmaceutical applications.

4. Get Blood Work Done: There are inflammatory markers you can check to determine your progress.

5. I Take Everything We Make: I wholeheartedly believe in the power of natural supplements.