Why This Orthopedic Surgeon Recommends The Healing Sole

Hi, Dr. Meredith Warner here:

If this is your first time visiting The Healing Sole - welcome. I’m Dr. Meredith Warner, orthopedic surgeon, specializing in foot and ankle reconstruction, and founder of The Healing Sole and Well Theory.

I’ve always encouraged patients at my private practice in Baton Rouge, Louisiana to do their research - and find the methods of treatment that work best for them.

So, when I had new patients arrive at my clinic with irreversible damage from steroid injections, or who were suffering the effects of surgical methods to treat plantar fasciitis, I sought out better solutions to their pain.

Leaning on my background and extensive research, I developed The Healing Sole. Each style of The Healing Sole is designed to reduce pain associated with plantar fasciitis, and function as a recovery device that stretches and strengthens the foot.

The Healing Sole saw an 80 percent success rate in clinical trials, and continues to improve the lives of my patients and others suffering from plantar fasciitis.

Steroid injections are often recommended and covered by insurance, but their negative side effects can be irreversible and cause more damage than a patient starts with.

Dr. Meredith Warner, Orthopedic Surgeon


How does it work?

The Healing Sole is an orthopedic shoe that utilizes several features for maximum pain-relief and long-term recovery.

It works to relieve a variety of foot ailments and sources of pain. Even though it started as a pain solution for plantar fasciitis, its function is to improve the overall health of the feet, making it beneficial for a variety of other conditions.

These features include:

  • Raised arch support
  • Rocker bottom sole
  • Compressible inner heel
  • Non-compressible outer heel
  • Cluffy raised toe lift (on select styles)

Plantar fasciitis pain is the result of a tight plantar fascia, pulling on the heel cord. When gently stretched by the rocker bottom sole and cluffy raised toe lift, tension is relieved from the heel, resulting in reduced pain.

The compressible inner heel and non-compressible outer heel work in conjunction to support your weight while relieving pressure at the heel.

You won’t always get arch support from flip flops - but I’ve added it here. These flip flops also include a metatarsal bar, giving your forefoot the support it needs.

I designed the Healing Sole to work with you, placing you in control of your own treatment and recovery from foot pain.

Dr. Meredith Warner, Orthopedic Surgeon

Original 2.0 Flip Flop
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The healing sole is unique amongst orthopedic shoes

Other orthopedic shoes on the market tend to be squishy, lacking the proper support needed. While this may feel good in the short term, it doesn’t allow for proper stability and absorption as you walk.

I wanted to resolve this issue and create a flip flop that alleviates pain, while providing long-term benefits. That’s why I intentionally designed The Healing Sole to have a firm rocker bottom sole.

Over time, the footbed will mold to your feet and way of walking, but without compromising the structural integrity of the shoe itself.

That’s why I advise anyone breaking in a new pair of The Healing Sole to do so slowly - for one to two hours a day. Over time, they will become more comfortable and the benefits will be apparent. I truly believe in preparing the foot by stretching and strengthening it, as opposed to providing short-term relief in squishy, unstable footbeds


Various Styles For Your Unique Experience


The Original II is an improved version of the Original style. This style is a flip flop that features the cluffy raised toe lift, along with the other features listed above. This latest version was curated with customer feedback in mind and to provide optimal comfort during the break-in period.


The Palmer is another flip flop style, without the cluffy raised toe lift. This style is designed for those who may suffer from conditions that affect the ball of foot region or great toe. This includes bunions, hammer toes and Morton’s neuroma.


The Emerson - our latest style, is a two-strap sandal with all the same features as the Palmer. The straps are velcro, making them simple to adjust. This option is great for those who don’t prefer flip flops, or who may want to rock their sandals with socks.

All these styles are designed to relieve foot pain, so check them out today and pick which one suits you the best!