The Healing Sole - Luxe
The Healing Sole - Luxe
The Healing Sole - Luxe
The Healing Sole - Luxe
The Healing Sole - Luxe

The Healing Sole - Luxe

~ Plantar Fasciitis Pain Treatment ~
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For the perfect fit, choose one size larger than your running shoe >>

This new sandal features a supportive ankle and a comfortable crossover strap.

runs true to size

runs true to size

Width - Narrow Only
Shipping March 2, 2020
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80% of patients in a clinical trial reported a natural improvement in pain and/or function.

Engineered by an orthopedic surgeon, The Healing Sole is a patented flip flop designed to treat heel pain from plantar fasciitis & promote foot recovery by absorbing stress placed on your foot, offload tension placed on the joints and gently stretch the fascia.

  • Structural & Supportive
  • Low-profile arch support
  • Rocker bottom
  • Durable rubber outsole
  • For indoor or outdoor use
  • Orthopedic Foot Doctor Approved

For the perfect fit, choose one size larger than your running shoe >>

Shipped from Baton Rouge, LA

Even if you wear your Healing Soles for 29 days, we will take them back with our no hassle return policy. We want you to really give them a go and get back to living with sole.
The Healing Sole form fits to your foot in 7-14 days for your perfect support. They may feel firm and heavy at first, but don’t worry – they will adjust!
Size Guide
Women's Sizes
US W The Healing Sole Women's Size EURO's Size
5 6 35-36
5.5 6.5 36
6 7 36-37
6.5 7.5 37
7 8 37-38
7.5 8.5 38
8 9 38-39
8.5 9.5 39
9 10 39-40
9.5 10.5 40
10 11 40-41
10.5 11.5 41
11 12 41-42
11.5 12.5 42
12 13 42-43

Men's Sizes
US M The Healing Sole Men's Size EURO's Size
7 8 39
7.5 8.5 39-40
8 9 40
8.5 9.5 40-41
9 10 41
9.5 10.5 41-42
10 11 42
10.5 11.5 42-43
11 12 44
11.5 12.5 44-45
12 13 45
12.5 13.5 45-46
13 14 46
14 15 47
Live Pain-Free In 30 Days
Foot Pain Treatment
Reduce stress, pressure, and pain along your footbed and joints. Patented features include wide & low-profile arch support, a compressible innter heel, and a firm rocker bottom sole.
Passionate about treating your heel pain? We Are Too.
If you are not living pain-free within 30 days, get your money back.
Discover The Future of Plantar Fasciitis Treatment
A patented flip flop, expertly designed to treat plantar fasciitis at home so medications, surgeries or injections could be avoided.
Speed Up Your Recovery And Step With Confidence
Support The Arches Of Your Foot
The raised arch support is low-profile by design to allow gentle support of the arch and associated tendons. It also acts as a metatarsal bar which allows off-loading and depressurization of the ball of the foot. This patented approach to arch support helps you stay on your feet longer while making recovery easier.
Reduce Pressure on Your Heels
The Healing Sole has a proprietary dual density design with a unique zone of decompression under the heel spur and plantar fascia insertion point. It provides structure and a controlled give to reduce pressure on the most painful part of the heel while still allowing for a normal heel strike.
Absorb Impact & Reduce Stress
The rocker bottom sole can decompress and reduce stress on the various parts of the foot (bone, muscle, tendon, ligament, fascia, and nerves) while allowing normal gait and propulsion. Our patented firm rocker-bottom sole is a strong method to treat your foot pain caused by Plantar Fasciitis or heel spurs.
+ -How long does it take to start noticing results?
Our clinical trial patients started to see noticeable relief around the 2-3 week range. With all products of this nature, every person is different and of course, results will vary. We are not able to guarantee that you will experience similar results, but we can encourage you to stick with the program and have faith in the science behind our design. Give The Healing Sole time to help your feet recover and promote proper foot health, avoid walking barefoot or in poor quality/low support shoes, and in time you should begin to see great results.
+ -How Long Will The Flip Flops Last?
Our product is brand new, so we currently do not have any exact data on exactly how long The Healing Sole will last under regular use. However, we estimate that with regular use, your flip flops should last between 6-12 months with regular use. The length of time your flip flops last will depend on a few factors, most importantly the amount of use that they get. As with any shoe, the more often they’re worn, the faster they will wear out.
+ -When can I wear them? Can I wear them all day?

The Healing Sole was designed to help your feed recover without interfering with your daily activities in 7-14 days. With this in mind, here are a few pointers to help you make the most of your experience:

  • Wear Them First Thing in the Morning: Plantar fasciitis is worst in the morning after you first wake up, so get a jump start on the pain by throwing on The Healing Sole. Keep them at the foot of your bed, and after a quick stretch in the morning, go about your morning routine while wearing The Healing Sole to help relieve the pain.
  • Wear Them After You Get Home from Work: If you spend a lot of your day on your feet, by the time you get home you’re more than likely dealing with some heel pain. This is the perfect time to throw on The Healing Sole. Just put on your flip flops, and go about your evening activities: feed the kids, clean the living room, do some laundry or have a cup of coffee. With The Healing Sole, you don’t need to wait for the pain to go away, you just put them on and go about your day.
+ -Does it treat flat feet or arch pain?
Unlike most flip flops, The Healing Sole was designed with a raised arch support to help reduce stress placed on your feet, knees ankles and lower back. The arch support helps to properly support your foot and helps you stay on your feet longer, helping you get things done with letting your feet recover from your day.
+ -What Does a Good Fit on my Foot Look Like?

As you may have figured out by now, The Healing Sole feels quite a bit different than any other flip flop you’ve worn before. When you slip on your pair, keep the following in mind so you know you’re getting the right fit:

  • There should be up to a 1/2 inch space on the front and back of the shoe
  • The arch support on the shoe should align with the arch of your foot
  • The straps should be snug, but not tight (don’t force your foot in)

Our sizing guide is set up to ensure that you find the perfect fit for your flip flops. If you’re concerned about whether or not your flip flops fit correctly, contact us so we can help you out. We want to ensure you experience the best results possible with our product, and it all starts with getting the proper fit.

+ - Where is The Healing Sole shipped from and when will I get my order?
The Healing Sole is shipped directly from our warehouse located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Most orders are delivered within 1-2 business days.