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Deceptively Simple. Powerfully Effective for Treating Foot Pain.

Designed with Technology to Treat Pain from Plantar Fasciitis and Heel Spurs.

The Healing Sole is a plantar fasciitis treatment option with technology to incorporate a variety of treatment methods into one structure.   It was designed so that it can be used repeatedly to aid the body’s natural ability to heal itself. While most products on the market offer only arch support, The Healing Sole  incorporates six key features into its design.  As a result of incorporating these features and treatment methods into one product, we’re able to offer an affordable, easy to use recovery device that can be used at any time to aid in recovery, reduce costs of treatment and improve the body’s ability to recover faster.


Our Technology is CLINICALLY Proven to Work.

Platar Fasciitis Treatment - Raised Toe Lift

Reduce Plantar Fasciitis Pain

Our specially designed ramp allows your great toe to extend slightly while standing and walking, which provides a slight stretch to the plantar fascia, helping to strengthen the arch of the foot and relieve stress on the plantar fascia.

Platar Fasciitis Treatment - Arch Support

Reduce Stress & Support Your Foot

Unlike most flip flops, The Healing Sole features a raised arch support to help reduce stress placed on your knees, ankles and lower back. This added arch support helps you stay on your feet longer, while making recovery easier.

Platar Fasciitis Treatment - Compressible Heel

Ease Pain & Reduce Pressure on Your Heel

We built The Healing Sole with a thick, durable heel to support your weight yet remain flexible, and incorporated our uniquely designed heel structure that allows for a controlled give to reduce pressure on the painful part of the heel.

Platar Fasciitis Treatment - Rocker Bottom Sole

Reduce Stress on Your Foot & Joints

The rocker bottom sole helps to reduce stress on your foot joints, especially in the arch of the foot while reducing tension on the plantar fascia.  Featuring a slight curve, the sole is flexible enough to allow comfort and normal movement. has a Shopper Approved rating of 4.7/5 based on 195 ratings and reviews