10 Reasons You Should Try Yoga
Posted on Mar 06, 2018

Yoga is an ancient form of meditative exercise originating from India. The practice focuses on a series of stretches and poses that are combined with breathing exercises. There are many reasons why you should try yoga and here are ten important ones.

Anyone can do it

Many believe you have to be young and very flexible to practice yoga, but that is not true. Yoga is an all-inclusive exercise easily altered to suit your needs. No matter your age, gender, or physicality, .

Low impact

Yoga is a relatively low impact exercise. This is one reason why yoga is popular with people who have certain conditions such as arthritis and osteoporosis. Yoga does not normally put an excess or adverse strain on the body as it encourages gentle transitions between poses. If a pose ever causes any pain, alter it to accommodate your body’s needs.

Reduce stress

Yoga has been proven to . The combination of poses and breathing exercises can help lower blood pressure and ease the body into a more relaxing state of being.

Better mood

Studies have shown that regularly practicing yoga can improve one’s mood. Individuals have reported feeling happier and better about themselves.

Ease pain

Knee, back, and other pain can be eased by regular yoga exercises. Yoga poses target areas of the body promoting stretching. Downward dog and upward dog are two of the most popular and well-known yoga poses that stretch and alleviate back pain.

Improve breathing

One of the lesser known yoga techniques involves strategic forms of breathing. Well timed and focused breathes during poses and transitions during a yoga series improve your breathing.

Build strength

If there is a muscle, you are hoping to strengthen there are more than likely one or more yoga poses that engage that muscle. Many yoga poses target muscles not be used to engaging. Stretching and working these muscles will help you strengthen your body.

Improve Flexibility

Yoga’s gentle repetitive stretches throughout the body’s muscles can loosen tense muscles, making you more flexible. You might think you have to be flexible to try yoga, but it’s the other way around. Yoga promotes body flexibility.

Reduce risk of injury

By strengthening muscles and building flexibility through regular yoga practice, your body will have a lower risk of injury in the future.

Better posture

Some of your lesser engaged muscles that you strengthen through yoga will help you improve your posture. Poses that strengthen the shoulders and upper back encourage your body to maintain a more proper and healthy posture throughout your day.

Yoga: A Healthier Body and Mind

. It's focused breathing, gentle stretching, and muscle targeting will help you achieve a healthier body and mind. You can easily join a yoga studio or practice at home to begin your yoga routine. Don’t feel that yoga isn’t for you; it can be for anyone willing to try.