10 Running Hacks You'll Wish You Knew Yesterday
Posted on May 27, 2016
Running is an awesome way to stay healthy and fit. It brings cardiovascular and muscle toning benefits among many others. However, running tips can make it even better; the following are 10 simple running hacks that you can use to optimize your running experience:

1. Dynamic Stretching

Stretching is key to warming up before a run and cooling down afterward. However, vigorous static stretching can actually do more harm than good. Favor a slow, gradual approach to limbering up your muscles. Start small and lean into your stretches as your muscles warm up.

2. Walk

Don’t just start or stop your running session abruptly. Walking is an excellent way to ramp up before or cool down after a run. Brisk walking is also a good substitute on days when you’re nursing a muscle pull or other minor soreness.

3. Listen to Audio Recordings

A pair of headphones and an MP3 player is a must for longer runs. Listening to audio recordings or the radio offers a distraction that can help you run longer and stronger.

4. Create a Running Song List

Take audio recordings to the next level by making a customized song list for your runs. Choose the most inspiring, uplifting music you can find.

5. There’s An App for That

There are hundreds if not thousands of software apps that can make running even more fun and rewarding. From apps that track your pace and progress to apps that can make your run into an immersive adventure story in which you are the star, there’s an app for every runner.

6. Plan Pre- and Post-Run Eats

Everyone is different, but most people require a fuel-up before and after their run to regulate blood sugar levels. It’s up to you to determine how long before and after the run you should be eating. Small meals or snacks that combine protein, carbs and fiber are ideal. Oatmeal with banana before your run and peanut butter on wheat toast after is just one example. Greek yogurt and granola is another energy-packed choice.

7. Like Brushing Your Teeth…

Make running a habit just like brushing your teeth by doing it at the same time each day. You’ll be less likely to skip a run if it becomes folded into your daily or weekly routine.

8. Treat Yourself to Custom Running Shoes

If you’re in it for the long haul, consider investing in some primo running shoes that are ideal for your feet. Each person is unique, and having running shoes that cater to your foot shape and stride will make running even more enjoyable.

9. Mix it Up with Interval Training

High intensity interval training is an excellent fat burning routine. It can also serve as the perfect break and counterpoint to longer distance runs. Interval training alternates short bursts (one minute or less) of full-out running followed by a minute or two of walking; repeat for a total of eight alternations.

10. Find Balance

Rigorous training should always be followed with adequate recovery time. Listen to your body and stay tuned in with what it needs. You love the freedom and health benefits of running, so why not try key running tips to make it the very best it can be? Use these 10 easy running hacks to optimize your running experience.