5 Habits That Sabotage Your Workout Routines
Posted on Mar 15, 2018
Whether you are fairly new or a veteran at your workout routines, you probably have some habits that might be sabotaging your workout routine. Sometimes it can take an outsider to point these habits out to you as we are prone to get into a hardwired routine that is difficult to break out of. Here a 5 common habits that might be sabotaging your workout routines.

Full Meals Before Workout

Your body needs fuel in order to have a successful workout. But you should be careful what you consume before your workout. Stick to healthy snacks like fruits, nuts, whey protein, and yogurts to energize your body. Allow your body about 45 minutes between meal and exercise. If you have a large, filling meal give yourself 2-3 hours to digest. If you don’t, you are more likely to experience cramps and nausea.

Too Much Water

You may find this one strange, but drinking too much water can jeopardize your workout. It is important to stay hydrated during a workout, but too much will make you nauseous and cramp similar to eating too much before a workout. Take small sips during your workout.

No Plan

Going to the gym without a workout plan increases your chances of having an unproductive day at the gym. A basic outline of exercises and machines you want to hit while you are at the gym will help you stay on track to achieving your goals for the days. This also helps you make sure you are maintaining a well-rounded routine.

Same Routine

Some of us get into a habit of working out the same way every time. Eventually, you will get bored and your body will plateau. Keep things fresh by increasing weights and switching out running for cycling. Keep your body interested by switching up your routine, and you will have a better relationship with working out.

Not Stretching

After a workout, you will feel exhausted and tired, but you can decrease this feeling by stretching before and after a workout. Warm up stretches loosen muscles preventing tears and decreases chances of other injuries. Cool down stretches after a workout help your muscles revert back to their natural state that was interrupted during the workout.