5 Healthy Activities You Can Do With Your Kids
Posted on Apr 29, 2016

Exercise improves your physical health, reduces stress and increases your energy. You and your kids receive all of these benefits and more when you enjoy five healthy activities as a family.


Whether you walk with your kids to school every day or cruise around the neighborhood after dinner, taking a walk is good exercise. Depending on the ages of your kids, you can alternate between speed walking and a more leisurely pace as you get a workout. Make the walk fun when you incorporate a scavenger hunt and look for different colors, objects or textures.


There are dozens of music genres that encourage you and your kids to dance, so turn on the radio, warm up the record player or plug in your iPod and boogie! Challenge each other to a dance off, practice the new moves you learn on YouTube and create your own routines at a disco, show tunes or hip hop party. For even more exercise, dance as you clean, while you make dinner or after you get dressed in the morning.


Turn boring commercials into fun three-minute exercise bursts when you stand up and move. Do jumping jacks, sit-ups or push-ups or run laps around your media room. You can also march, wiggle, play follow the leader or do other fun activities for kids as you stand up and move together before your favorite family show comes back on.


Spruce up your landscaping and exercise as a family while you work in your yard. Buy kid-sized rakes and a small wheelbarrow and show your kids how to rake leaves or pick up and dispose of yard waste. They can also help you plan a vegetable or flower garden and then plant, weed, water and harvest the produce.

Other fun outdoor activities for kids in your yard include picking up litter, building a stone garden or maintaining your playset. Anytime you can incorporate the fun and chores is always a win when your a parent.


Your kids will actually want to clean their rooms, wash the dishes or fold laundry when you turn chore time into game time. Play beat the clock to see who can pick up the toys the fastest or challenge your kids to see who can dust their bedrooms the quickest. You can also pair adults against kids as you clean the bathrooms or vacuum the floors. Kids will also usually work harder and faster if they're dressed as their favorite superhero or play Simon Says as you work.

Spending time exercising as a family is a good habit to get into. Healthy activities also provide numerous benefits and show your kids that you value physical fitness. Try these five healthy activities with your kids this week as you have fun and get fit together.

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