5 Surprising Health Impacts from a Lack of Sleep
Posted on Nov 30, 2017

We have all had those nights where we stayed up late to binge watch a show or partied with friends. Either case usually results in a lack of sleep. It is recommended that everyone get 7-9 hours of sleep each night.

If you have a habit of getting fewer hours of sleep, you may possibly be experiencing or will later experience these 5 surprising health impacts that result from a lack of sleep.

Weakened immune system

As you begin sleeping fewer than the recommended hours a night, your immune system starts to experience a lull in its defenses.

During your sleep cycle, your immune system gets to work creating proteins and antibodies to fight off the bacteria and viruses you encounter through your day.

greater risk of gaining weight

It may surprise you to know that with a lack of sleep, your body is making you gain weight.

It is not just being too tired to exercise or eat the right kind of meals.

That lack of sleeps actually affects the hormones in your body that control your levels.

The less sleep you have the more your body releases the hunger stimulant hormone. It is believed that this is what causes us to want to eat midnight snacks.

high blood pressure

Lack of sleep can lead to developing or worsening high blood pressure.

The increase in blood pressure is a result of your stress levels not being properly regulated.

During your sleep cycle it is believed that your body takes the time to regulate your stress hormones and keep your nervous system in a healthy balance.

The chance of suffering a heart attack dramatically increases as high blood pressure becomes a chronic problem.

emotional instability

With little sleep, your brain starts functioning differently and your moods are likely to swing from mania to depression.

This is caused by your exhausted brain not quite knowing how to handle everyday situations.

You may feel like laughing and crying at inappropriate times.

impaired motor skills

Lack of sleep can greatly impair your motor skills.

Brain response time lengthens resulting in delayed reactions and slow or clumsy movements.

It takes your body longer to transmit your brain’s commands to your physical movement.  


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