Breaking in The Healing Sole Can Take Up to 7-14 Days!

Designed by orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Meredith Warner, The Healing Sole flip flops are one of the best steps a person can take to alleviate heel & foot pain. Working exceptionally well for those with plantar fasciitis, these flip flops have a patented design that aids the body's natural healing process. The Healing Sole helps you live pain-free - faster & more comfortably. However, it is important to keep in mind that The Healing Sole flip flops can take some time to break in and adjust to how they feel.

"This shoe is unlike anything you have. It’s very unique, it’s got patented technology incorporating multiple features that will work synergistically to treat heal pain." - Dr. Meredith Warner

Dr. Warner's Recommendations

Break in your pair of Healing Soles slowly. Begin with one hour of wear for a few days and gradually increasing wear-time to 2, 3, then 4 hours each day and so on.

"I would not recommend wearing the healing sole all day long the minute you get it. It will feel heavy, it will feel thick and it could potentially not achieve its goal." - Dr. Meredith Warner

Structural Design

The foam and straps are designed to fit better after they are broken in slowly. After the recommended wearing time, they will conform to the shape and size of your foot. Both the dense foam and large straps were specially designed to keep your foot anchored in the correct position in the flip flop.

The Healing Sole flip flops are built from a structurally dense foam that does not give under the body’s weight. The dense foam offers appropriate structural support to the foot allowing the bones, joints, and muscles of the foot to rest and heal. This dense structural foam allows the rocker bottom sole of the flip flop to rock effectively while walking.

"The dense foam has been shown to be structurally sound for the foot. Structure is better than squishy any day." - Dr. Meredith Warner

A New Way to Walk

 Rocker bottom soles engage different muscles when walking when compared to normal flat soled shoes. If you do not normally wear shoes with rocker bottom soles (i.e.- MBT shoes or Sketchers Shape Ups) you may experience some hip, leg, or calf soreness when you first start wearing The Healing Sole flip flops. This type of initial pain and soreness is similar to that of someone who normally wears flat shoes and decides to occasionally wear high heels. During the break-in period, your body will adjust to this new way of walking by strengthening newly engaged muscles and the soreness will gradually disappear.

Don't Give Up!

Remember that we offer a 30-day period to properly break in your Healing Sole flip flops and acclimated to how they feel so you can determine if they are an effective treatment method for you.

Take advantage of the full 30 days and don’t give up on finding heel pain relief.