What Causes Pain Along the Outside of Your Foot
Posted on Jan 04, 2018

You may be asking yourself, “Why do I have pain on the outside of my foot?” At times, pain has obvious origins and other times, not so much. Here are some of the most common conditions that will cause pain on the outside of your foot. If you are experiencing severe pain along the outside of your foot, you should contact a professional for an accurate diagnosis.


Peroneal Tendonitis

The peroneal tendons extend from the back of the calf along the ankle and down the outside of your foot to your little toes. When these tendons become inflamed from overuse, they will cause pain to run along the outside of your foot. Treatments for peroneal tendonitis include anti-inflammatories to relieve the pain, rest, and stretches to strengthen and prevent it from reoccurring.


Twisted Ankle

Have you ever had your foot roll under your ankle and later have pain in the outside of your foot? Then you might have experienced an inversion sprain better known as a twisted ankle. Pain, tenderness, swelling and bruising around the ankle are common with this type of injury. In most cases, rest and anti-inflammatories will help you recover quickly.


Stress Fractures

Overuse and repetitious motions can result in stress fractures in the feet. Stress fractures are small, hairline cracks in your bones. This type of injury is worsened when pressure is applied to the injured area. This is easily diagnosed by a doctor and, in most cases, do not require surgery. Recovery from stress fractures range between six and eight weeks. During this period, putting pressure on the injury is discouraged and you may be given crutches, shoe inserts or a brace to wear.



Inflammation in the joints is one of the most common reasons for outside foot pain. Arthritis is a common symptom of age and of old injuries (osteoarthritis). It is also a symptom related to your immune system (rheumatoid arthritis). Arthritis can develop in any of the joints in your body, including the joints on the outside edges of your feet. Anti-inflammatories, cortisone injections and physical therapy are the most common treatment methods for arthritis. In rare cases, surgery can be performed to repair extensively damaged joints.

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