Chlorella: Your Go-To Anti-Aging Supplement
Posted on Apr 09, 2021

Chlorella sorokiniana extract is from the green microalgae, referred to as Chlorella of the phylum Chlorophyta.  

This is a natural source of Omega-3 and omega-6 PUFAs, and one of the essential ingredients in our Nervous System Multivitamin from Well Theory.

Here's why!


Chlorella sorokiniana is often used for its cognition benefits with age, weight control, and cancer protection.

It has demonstrated significant improvements in memory in rat studies.

It is thought to act via the activation of PPAR-alpha & gamma receptors by the linoleic and alpha-linolenic acids found in the lipid fraction.

Activation of the PPAR receptor improves diabetes-induced cognitive dysfunction, memory, and cognition in several animal models.

Activation of the PPAR-gamma receptor improved expression of brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF), as well.

Chlorella is primarily a protein and has all 9 essential amino acids.

It also has iron and provides antioxidants.  


It is known for its ability to bind heavy metals.

We are exposed to heavy metals of a toxic nature by pollution of the air, ground, and water in our communities.

Chlorella is also able to help lower levels of dioxin - a hormone disruptor found in many foods.

It is also possible that chlorella enhances immune function.  

The antioxidants considered to be present in Chlorella are beta-carotene, lycopene, lutein, vitamin C, and chlorophyll.

These act to help reduce the presence of advanced glycation end products (AGE).  

Chlorella acts to preserve mitochondrial function as well.

When testing chlorella against metabolically hyperactive rats, it helped to counteract the oxidative stress made from excessive energy production.  


The intake of carotenoids is inversely related to aging and age-related diseases.

The conjugated double bonds of these molecules strongly reduce oxidative stress. 

The antioxidant activity of the marine polyphenols is also protective of DNA and prevents mutations often associated with cancers.  

Also, lutein and beta-carotene are able to suppress atherosclerosis and are anti-atherogenic.

Diets high in seaweed have demonstrated a reduced incidence of suicide. The micronutrients are very beneficial to mental health.

A marine carotenoid enriched diet diminishes the risk of neurodegenerative disease.

Purified peptides from the highly proteinaceous Chlorella vulgaris have demonstrated protective effects against cellular damage.

Basic amino acids found in microalgae are known to have antioxidant properties.

For example, phenylalanine, histidine and tryptophan scavenge hydroxyls. These are the strongest of free radicals.

Chlorella species and other microalgae provide protection against neurotoxicity from metals like lead.


The polysaccharides of chlorella are also bioactive, age-lengthening, and immune-enhancing.

Ulvan is generally the most prevalent of polysaccharides.

This is a sulfated polysaccharide with biological activities that are

  • immunomodulating
  • antiviral
  • antioxidant
  • antihyperlipidemic
  • and anticancer.  

It is considered to be a soluble fiber.

Ulvan has hepatoprotective effects and is antihyperlipidemic and antioxidant.

Ulvan has also demonstrated activity against the Japanese encephalitis virus which currently has not effective treatment.  

These hydrophilic polysaccharides have antidepressant and anxiolytic effects. There is also beta-glucan in the green microalga.

Seaweed polysaccharides are added to noodles in Asia to improve the health profile of this common food.

6% addition gives better cooking yield, water absorption, and richness of dietary fibers.

Ulvan cannot be digested by human colonic flora and they retain water. This makes them a good source of dietary fiber.

Ulvan stabilizes the function of mitochondria. It is highly active against superoxide radicals.  

Many minerals are held in microalgae, and it is an excellent functional food!

Most people use seaweed products every day but have no idea they do so. These products are in processed foods, toothpaste, meats, cosmetics, and dairy products.  


Our Nervous System Multivitamin complex is formulated with chlorella, along with Resveratrol, Luteolin, and more.

This complex works within the body to help strengthen and protect the brain nervous system by blocking oxidative stress!

This formulation is highly antioxidant and anti-inflammatory.

This protects your mitochondria from cellular damage, preventing neuropathic pain and neurodegeneration.

The best part is that it comes with no side effects, whatsoever.

Order our new Nervous System Multi today to embrace the health benefits of chlorella and the other powerful ingredients in this complex!