Does Plantar Fasciitis Heal Itself?
Posted on Sep 05, 2018

We know that plantar fasciitis is painful and frustrating – so what are your options for pain relief? Are medication and surgeries your only options, or can plantar fasciitis heal on its own?

What causes plantar fasciitis?

Plantar fasciitis is a condition that occurs due to a damaged plantar fascia. The plantar fascia is a long fascial band that runs the length of the sole from heel to toe that acts as a shock absorber for the arch of your foot. Repeated trauma can lead to overstretching which can then result in moderate to severe pain when walking or running. This may also occur without trauma. Pain from plantar fasciitis is most often felt as stabbing pain in the heel bone and sole of the foot, being notably the most painful first thing in the morning and after prolonged periods of rest. This pain is sometimes known as a stone bruise.

How long can it last?

The length of time that someone experiences plantar fasciitis can vary from person to person. In most circumstances, pain can last a couple of months while severe cases can last for two years. Find the best methods to treat the level of severity of your plantar fasciitis – the longer it goes untreated, the longer and more painful your condition can become. In addition, pain that persists after treatment may not be plantar fasciitis, and a reevaluation may be in order.

How can you make it go away?

There are many treatment options for plantar fasciitis depending on the level of your condition, including anti-inflammatories, stretching, and even surgery. We believe that surgery should always be a last resort. Try elevating your feet, stretching, and icing your feet to relieve pain at home! These methods allow you to gently and immediately find relief for foot pain at home, though you should still consult with your doctor if you are concerned or if foot pain continues. Physical therapy is often very helpful for this problem.

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