Dr. Meredith Warner On the Importance of Boosting Immunity
Posted on Jan 17, 2021

Hi, Dr. Meredith Warner here –

The events of 2020 have shown us that prioritizing your overall health – especially your immune health – is more critical than ever. Your ability to fight off illness and infection quickly, with as little downtime as possible, depend on the health of your immune system and how strong your overall wellness is.

You won’t hear about this a lot, but there are ways you can empower yourself to have a more robust immune system. Many of us aren’t getting the essential nutrients we need to keep our bodies prepared for cold and flu season.

Ideally, we should get all the vitamins and minerals we need to keep our immune systems in top shape, but supplementation is an excellent way to fill those nutritional gaps.

It is challenging to eat a proper diet in today’s world. We know this. Supplementation is a convenient method to fill the gaps in your diet and nutrition.

Going into this year’s flu and cold season, I wanted to make sure that my family and I were ready for seasonal illness. Because I like to support my body naturally, I started researching natural supplements that I could begin taking and offering to my family.

As I searched for the best immunity-boosting natural supplements, I happened across the following ingredients. Please allow me to share my opinion of these fantastic natural remedies.


Echinacea Purpurea

Echinacea is a North American flower in the sunflower family.

This potent botanical supports the immune system by supporting the regular activity of white blood and natural killer (NK) cells and increasing the overall number of useful white blood cells.

These cells are essential in fighting off illness.

Pine Bark Extract

Pine Bark Extract is a potent source of Vitamin C and contains an array of beneficial phytochemicals highly antioxidant.

Suppose you are out of shape, exposed to pollution, or undergo stress regularly. In that case, your body produces an excess of free radical compounds that can cause cellular damage throughout your body – Such free radicals can destroy a cell’s wall or membrane, for example.

By damaging white blood cells, such compounds can weaken your immune response. This phenomenon is known as “oxidative stress,” and over time, it can wreak havoc on every one of your body’s processes.

Pine Bark Extract’s high antioxidant content helps remove this stress naturally, giving your immune system a fighting chance.

Olive Leaf Extract

This extract has been shown to have high antiviral and antimicrobial properties.

This means that it can interfere with bacteria and viruses’ ability to replicate, spread, and cause infection.

This ingredient helps to control viral load, and this allows your immune system a better chance.

Schisandra Berry

I chose this herbal ingredient due to its boosting and balancing effects. This plant is used as an “adaptogen” – it increases your body’s resistance to disease and stress, boosts energy, and increases endurance.

Essentially, adaptogens are a natural substance that helps the body adapt to stress and exert a “stabilizing” effect on bodily processes – promoting balance.

This herb stimulates the immune system to work harder and more effectively to fight off an illness at the onset of infection.


This spice – which you probably have in your pantry right now – has been used for its antibacterial, antifungal, and antiseptic properties for hundreds of years.

Because of these properties, like Olive Leaf Extract, Garlic can help the body destroy and/or inhibit viruses and other microorganisms before illness sets in.

Instead of taking these supplements separately, I decided to develop a multicomplex that contained full amounts of each ingredient – and used it to build my new Herbal Immunity Defense multi.


This multivitamin is designed to support your immune health on multiple levels. It aids your body fight off infection and illness by directly increasing the number of white blood cells (especially of the innate system), decreasing oxidative stress, and boosting + enhancing your immune system’s function overall.

The ingredients I chose for this multivitamin are designed to improve your health in the following two ways:

  • First, it helps reestablish and restore your immune system’s healthy, natural function by filling nutritional gaps and relieving oxidative stress.

  • Then, as you continue taking it, this multi helps support your immune function by giving your body an added boost of nutrition, antioxidants, and powerful antimicrobial and antiviral ingredients.

"My goal is to help you curate a happier, healthier version of yourself – through products designed to help bring your body back in alignment with how it was always supposed to function.

We believe that illness, disease, pain, and inflammation don’t exist in a vacuum – every ailment is connected to multiple factors that you can take charge of and adapt to."

In my clinical practice, I’ve learned that making intentional choices about the foods you eat, the environment you live in, and the amount of exercise you get can significantly improve your overall health.

As a surgeon, I know that there are appropriate times to use pharmaceuticals and more invasive procedures to improve mobility and wellness. Still, in many cases, my patients have experienced significant improvement in their health and outlook on life with simple, progressive lifestyle changes.

Since its development, I take this Herbal Immunity Defense multi every day and have found that it helps stave away the common seasonal illnesses my family and I typically experience.

I hope that you’ll find this natural option for immunity enhancement is beneficial in your life as it has been for mine.


Dr. Meredith Warner is the creator of The Healing Sole and Well Theory. She is a board-certified and fellowship-trained Orthopedic Surgeon and Air Force Veteran.

Dr. Warner has treated countless patients for heel pain and plantar fasciitis pain in her private practice, Warner Orthopedics and Wellness. She developed The Healing Sole so that wearers can harness the body's natural healing power and have an option for everyday relief, without the need for surgery or expensive medical intervention.