Dr. Warner Reveals About The Healing Sole to Help With Plantar Fasciitis
Posted on Jun 11, 2018

If you suffer from plantar fasciitis, then you know the pain that this can cause and how hard it can be to get relief from it as well.

You will try shots, new shoe inserts and anything you can do to fix the pain and make it go away. Dr. Warner has come up with a great way to help people with this issue and it as simple as wearing a flip flop.


Dr. Warner has only had plantar fasciitis a few times, but she treats patients with it every single day.

The first thing that patients talk to her about is how frustrated they are that they can't wear flip flops anymore so this is one reason she made this shoe a flip flop.

She is also working on a closed toe shoe right now that will be coming out at a later date.

Dr. Warner was in the Air Force as active duty for four years and treated a lot of soldiers.

Plantar fasciitis is very common for soldiers due to things like wearing boots every day and carrying around heavy equipment.

After hearing these complaints from all of her patients, it was time to find a fix.


Patients who use these shoes and physical therapy are seeing amazing results. They wear what they want during the day and then wear these shoes on weekends or at night. It may take a few weeks to notice a difference, but people love it.

The Healing Soles are built different than any other shoe out there. The Healing Sole has a raised toe lift, Neoprene straps, arch support, compressible medial heel and a rocker bottom sole. This shoe is well worth checking out if you suffer from this issue.

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