Dr. Warner Shares the Story of the HealingSole with WAFB
Posted on Jan 22, 2016

Dr. Meredith Warner recently sat down with local news station WAFB to talk about the HealingSole and share some of the science behind the flip-flop. Dr. Warner explained to reporter Graham Ulkins she launched the HealingSole to offer aid to her patients suffering from plantar fasciitis.

One of Dr. Warner’s patients, Elizabeth Demarest, was there during the interview process to share her experience with the shoe. Demarest lives quite the active lifestyle! She’s a mother of three young children and enjoys working out regularly.

After developing plantar fasciitis, she went to Dr. Warner for help. For the last two months she’s been wearing the flip-flop and has seen a huge decrease in pain and discomfort. “You don’t need to get an injection. You don’t need surgery. We don’t need to do physical therapy now,” Warner told Demarest after seeing her progress.

Dr. Warner is currently three-fourths of the way through a clinical trial featuring 45 patients who are being monitored closely and seeing great results. “Most medical devices you’re hoping for a 50 to 60 percent success rate,” Warner said to WAFB. “And we’ve had about a 80 to 90 percent success rate, so far, so good, and it’s a very safe treatment, which is what I like.”

The unique features and design details is what makes the HealingSole so effective. Half of the flip-flop’s heel compresses where the pain is most intense. The other half is there to provide support. The bottom portion of the shoe is designed to rock, thereby reducing stress on the joints and arch, and providing a natural push off for each step.

There’s also a small incline under the big toe that helps the foot move more efficiently. “That is a primary reason that it lets a flip flop be the treatment, because it prevents you from contracting your toes when you’re walking, and you can’t contract the plantar fascia, so it keeps it stretched throughout the gait cycle,” Warner explained to WAFB.

Dr. Warner recommends patients wear the shoes in the evenings and on weekends. This gives their feet time to adapt to the shoe and heal naturally. Many patients see changes within two to three weeks of part time wear. Demarest shared that within weeks she sent Dr. Warner a text thanking her for the shoe.

This is Dr. Warner’s first batch of the HealingSole and other designs are in the works, including a closed-toe shoe. You can purchase your own pair here on the site and begin your journey to relief! The flip-flop is also available at Varsity Sports and Warner Orthopedics and Wellness located at 18161 E. Petroleum Drive.