Five Huge Mistakes That Will Make Your Plantar Fasciitis Even Worse
Posted on Jun 10, 2019

Plantar fasciitis is a real show stopper, and if you’re struggling with it, you probably want to drop everything and heal it right away.

But tread carefully: there are plenty of things you can do (or not do) that can make your pain even worse.

Take a quick inventory of these five mistakes so you know exactly what NOT to do when you’re struggling with Plantar Fasciitis:

1. Taking Bad Internet Advice

Sometimes the internet gives bad advice--can you believe it?

From mustard oil massages using non-FDA approved mustard oils to aloe vera rubs, we’ve heard of every plantar fasciitis gimmick under the sun. We believe a lot of what is offered is a waste of time.

Think critically when you read something on the internet. Be skeptical with sources rife with claims that aren’t backed by science and rigorous medical review. Read labels well.

2. Not Being Proactive

Bad news: if you’re like most, then your plantar fasciitis is here to stay for a while. If left unattended, your pain can get worse and worse until you HAVE to deal with it.

Visiting a doctor quickly is a good, but expensive, idea. It is critical that you don’t delay simple recovery exercises you can do at home. Start stretching immediately, ice and heat down those aching tendons, get a massage and start shopping for some healing footwear that will make your run-in with plantar fasciitis a shorter one.

3. Depending Solely on Orthotics

Don’t get us wrong: orthotic inserts and footwear are sometimes effective methods for healing plantar fasciitis.

But often times, they can’t do everything by themselves. Recovering typically involves a dedicated plantar fasciitis exercise routine, regular stretching, and frequently a few visits to a doctor.

Also, be sure to get the right orthotic footwear for healing. There are many imposters out there that have not been reviewed by clinical study and who may even be doing more harm than good.

Orthotics typically work to change alignment or to redistribute weight; be sure this is actually what you need to treat your version of plantar fasciitis.

4. Rushing Into Surgery

While it’s good to be proactive, remember that surgery is a last resort: it’s expensive, somewhat risky, and as with all surgeries, there’s an arduous recovery period. In addition, the overall outcomes are not amazing.

Before spending $2-10,000 on surgery, see if you can beat plantar fasciitis through more natural means first. While sometimes $100 might seem like a lot for orthotic footwear or a night splint, it sure beats the thousands you’ll spend on surgery, especially if the pain relief results are the same but with far fewer side effects.

5. Running Too Hard

There’s a saying in the fitness world that the best thing for a sore muscle is to work it out.

This is almost always NOT the case for plantar fasciitis. Continuing to run hard on a painful foot without simultaneous appropriate treatment may make the condition worse, not better.

If you’re suffering, consider taking a break for a while. Plantar fasciitis has been known to end careers, so try not to get bummed out if it wrecks your running plan for a few weeks. Heal up and get back at it soon.

Cross training is a great idea. Make sure your shoes are properly fit, new and have the correct cushioning for your foot type. Use inserts if your physician recommends them. Stretch and then stretch some more. Also, remember that you need to stretch your hamstrings and hips if you are a runner as well.

The Right Direction for Recovery

There are no A’s just for effort in plantar fasciitis recovery. Some tactics will make you worse instead of better.

Don’t believe everything you read on the internet, dedicate yourself to regular stretches and exercise, and hold off on the surgery at least until you’ve tried some good condition-specific footwear, a good home exercise program or formal physical therapy. Give it time, and in most cases, your plantar fasciitis will disappear more quickly than it came on.

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