How Giving Up Alcohol Improves Your Health
Posted on Feb 14, 2018

Alcohol has been proven to be the cause of many minor and major health problems. Alcohol in moderation usually will not significantly risk your health; however, no alcohol is the healthier option. Giving up alcohol can be tough to see through to the end but will greatly improve your health in many ways that might be surprising to you.

Weight Loss

Alcohol contains more calories than you might expect. These are empty calories that cause harm when the body tries to break them down. Your body processes alcohol like it would sugars, breaking them down and turning them into fats that can stick around for a while. Once you stop consuming empty calories in the alcohol, your body has the opportunity to get rid of all those excess pounds.

Heart Health

Drinking alcohol leads to high blood pressure and other heart problems that increase your chances of being at risk of heart attacks and heart failure. Giving up alcohol reduces the risk of heart problems leading to a better and healthier heart.

Liver Repair

Your liver helps your body process the alcohol consumed, but alcohol damages the liver leading to scarring and liver diseases such as fatty liver disease. Your liver has a hard time processing other foods and drinks when it is damaged by alcohol; however, the liver is a regenerative organ. Once you stop consuming alcohol, your liver can heal itself.

Easier Sleep

Insomnia and other sleep interruptive problems can be a side effect of consuming too much alcohol. Giving up alcohol can improve your health by reducing these sleep problems that will allow your body to get a healthy and refreshing night of sleep.

Skin Health

Giving up alcohol can make your skin healthier and making you look less old and tired. Alcohol is diuretic, which means it dehydrates your skin. It also breaks down collagen causing wrinkles and sagginess spreading up the aging process. Once you stop consuming alcohol your body can restore collagen and improve your skin health.