How to Heal Plantar Fasciitis Quickly
Posted on Feb 05, 2018
Looking for a quick solution for plantar fasciitis pain? We’ve listed some of the fastest ways to experience instant relief.

Target Inflammation

Reducing inflammation will make being on your feet much easier!

Try targeting inflammation with ice. Fill up an empty bottle with water and put it in a freezer. Once the water is frozen, pull the bottle out, and roll it along the bottom of your feet. Repeat this practice about three times a day.


Stretching is one of the quickest and easiest ways to reduce plantar fasciitis pain. A good stretch is the best way to loosen up tight, inflamed tissue and feel instant relief. Try incorporating stretching into your daily routine to encourage recovery and healing. One of Dr. Meredith Warner’s favorite exercises is the towel stretch!

Before you hop out of bed in the morning, grab a towel and rope it around the ball of your foot. Hold the towel at both ends with your hands and gently pull back towards your body. You’ll slowly feel your calf muscles stretch and pull. Hold the stretch for about 20 to 30 seconds, and repeat three to five times before you get out of bed. Want more? Check out a few of Dr. Warner’s favorite stretches here.

Light Exercise

Strengthening the muscles in your feet is the best way to reduce inflammation in your plantar fascia! As you age, your feet become weaker. The lack of natural support stresses the muscles of the feet, allowing plantar fasciitis to develop.

Light exercise gently encourages the muscles in your feet to return to its natural state. Throughout the day try picking up items with your feet! This exercise is one of the simplest practices to incorporate into your daily routine.

The Healing Sole

The Healing Sole creates an environment for long-term recovery and can be more efficient than invasive surgical treatment, take the doctor’s word for it. The flip-flop was developed and theorized by Meredith Warner, MD.

Throughout her time as an orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Warner noticed a gap in treatment. She packed the flip-flop with six powerful features that work synergistically to heal the foot. As your foot pushes off, the rocker bottom sole sways to reduce tension. When your foot meets the ground again, the compressible heel and raised arch absorb the weight of the body.

Soft neoprene straps help to hold your foot in place as you move. We’ve equipped the latest version of The Healing Sole with a durable outsole. Now our flip-flops last even longer and can support extended outdoor wear!