The Healing Sole Featured in InRegister Magazine
Posted on May 11, 2016
In their recent article, "Best Foot Forward: Dr. Meredith Warner Takes Steps to End Heel Pain," InRegister Magazine, located in Baton Rouge, LA, gives a fantastic look back at the journey taken to bring The Healing Sole to life. That journey began with the passion and determination of Dr. Warner to help others. That drive led her to obtaining multiple degrees, and her desire to serve others while being a natural leader also made her a good fit for the military.

To say that Dr. Meredith Warner is a go-getter would be an understatement. Warner boasts both a medical degree and a master’s degree in business administration. She was a major in the U.S. Air Force and served as its Chief of Foot and Ankle Surgery. She founded her own orthopedic clinic in Baton Rouge in 2013, and she developed and recently released a revolutionary new shoe designed to combat foot pain.

It was during her time in the Air Force that Dr. Warner first began to see need for a safe foot pain treatment that was easy to use on a daily basis.

The idea came to her after serving in Iraq and Afghanistan as an Air Force surgeon.

“One of the main complaints after a big 10-mile ruck march with 90 pounds of battle rattle is foot pain,” says Warner, who explains that her fellow soldiers spent most of their time in combat boots or flip-flops for the shower.

Due to the fact that standard flip flops are generally the culprit when it comes to foot pain, it made sense to Dr. Warner to develop a treatment into the form of the popular sandal.

Oftentimes these patients have been told they can never wear flip-flops again, since the popular summer shoe lacks support and can aggravate the condition.

“It’s devastating, especially for people in the South,” says Warner, who decided to get creative with a solution for people with this foot pain.

After six years of medical and technological research, The Healing Sole was born, making it the most advanced and unique plantar fasciitis treatment shoe available on the market today.

“Once you explain the science behind it, people are pretty eager to try it,” says Warner, who recently wrapped up a clinical trial that showed positive results: Warner says about 80 percent of people who suffered from plantar fasciitis had functional improvement. Average pain reduction was 44 percent after one month of wearing the flip-flops.

“Most everything else out there on the market is a very soft shoe with very large arch support, which I don’t think does anything for foot health long-term. This lets the body heal itself,” she says.

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