The Healing Sole is Now Available on Amazon
Posted on Mar 03, 2016

The Healing Sole flip flop is proud to announce a distribution partnership with The flip flop with be available for purchase on Amazon beginning March 3, 2016 and will retail for $124.00. Orthopedic Surgeon and creator of The Healing Sole, Dr. Meredith Warner, believes that making the product available on mainstream internet retailers like Amazon will provide a trustworthy and reliable buying experience and will help The Healing Sole reach a much wider customer base. "Our ultimate goal is to give as many people as possible the opportunity to experience our plantar fasciitis treatment," Warner said. "We believe our product is going to make a major difference to people dealing with this painful condition, and we believe we'll be able to help more people by listing our product with Amazon."

The Healing Sole is a medical treatment device, designed to treat heel pain caused by conditions like plantar fasciitis. Dr. Warner began developing the device more than 5 years ago, and with more than 20 year experience as an orthopedic surgeon, she believes that The Healing Sole has the right technology behind it to help people dealing with plantar fasciitis and heel pain. People dealing with plantar fasciitis or heel pain are encouraged to visit The Healing Sole's website to learn more about the product and it's features. For questions regarding distribution or purchase of The Healing Sole, please contact us here.