Health Food Trends to Try During The Week
Posted on Oct 01, 2015
The Latest Health Food Trends Try these 5 Health food trends Health food trends are a wonderful way to introduce yourself to new foods. Being healthy should be a part of everyone's goal. One of the most important ways of promoting your physical health is through eating healthy, nutritious foods. However, on the road to healthy living, it is so easy to get down right bored of the usual fruits and vegetables we eat such as apples, oranges, and broccoli. But worry not! Here is a list of interesting and delicious health food trends and ingredients for you to try during the week. So, put on your shoes and grab your keys. You're about to take a health trip to the grocery store!
  1. Turmeric From the ancient land of India come the latest american health ingredient, Turmeric is a huge health food trend this year. Hailing from the ginger family, Turmeric has numerous health benefits and has been used for thousands of years within the herbal medicine community for it's anti-inflammatory properties. Great ways to incorporate this healthy ingredient is by adding it is by using it in your tea, sprinkling it on top of hummus, or even adding it to mac and cheese to add some health benefits for your kids! Score! "sort of" healthy mac and cheese)
  2. Chlorophyll Extract This cutting edge ingredient is a rapidly growing fav with well known chefs and food enthusiasts alike. Chlorophyll, the substance that gives all give leaves their beautiful vibrant color, is being used as a "health shot" in foods such as yogurt.
  3. Quinoa Quinoa is a type of health grain that is a common substitute for rice. It is know to have significantly more fiber, and iron, which makes it a no-brainer for those who choose not to eat meat and still desire to receive the same pack of nutrients.
  4. Spiraled Vegetables Ok, I promised that these would be new and exciting health food trends. But come on, some food are staples for a reason! Additionally, this style of vegetables replace high carb favorites like pasta. Who wouldn't like a pasta taste without the guilt!? I thought so. One of our favorite health stores, Whole Foods, carries the tools to spiral that zucchini  like a pro!
  5. Kohlrabi Last but not least, this is vegetable has been dubbed "The King of all veggies". This vegetable is commonly eaten in German-speaking countries, but it is also very popular in the northern part of Vietnam. The come in both green and purple and have a similar taste to broccoli. Kohlrabi is German for "spinach turnip" and is known having nutritional amounts of Vitamin C and Potassium.
These are the latest health food trends. Don't be afraid to mix it up in the kitchen and substitute usually eaten foods with an healthy alternative. Your taste buds will thanks you now. Your body will thank you later.