Here’s How Age Affects Your Joints
Posted on Mar 29, 2021

We know that age brings changes in our bodies. Some are exciting, and some are not-so-welcome.

When it comes to your joints, there are many ways that age can bring unsavory changes, like pain, inflammation, and difficulties with movement.

Let’s look at these changes and how you can promote healthy joints as you age!


The older you get, the easier it is for your bones to become brittle. This can lead to a greater risk of compromised or broken bones.

Your lifestyle habits affect your bones, as well.

If you are not providing your body with the vitamins, nutrients, and activity it needs to stay strong and healthy, the condition of your bones will take a hit, too. 

In essence, your bones will waste away.  

Since your joints connect two or more bones, the strength of your bones can affect the way your joints feel.

Weak, brittle bones (osteopenic or osteoporotic) can alter the movement of your joints and make them more susceptible to conditions such as osteoarthritis.


The inside of your joints contains high amounts of liquid lubrication to help keep your movement fluid and flexible.

This is called ‘synovial fluid.’

This fluid acts as a lubricant for the cartilage surface of the joints.

Synovial fluid is also how cartilage gets its nutrition.  

In a joint, your bones are protected by a buffer of cartilage.

Each end of a bone involved in a joint has cartilage that allows it to move against the other bone in that joint.

When the cartilage is damaged and thinned, that is when ‘bone on bone’ pain starts.  

So, how do things change as you age?

With age, your synovial fluid and cartilage can become thinner, making the movement of your joints more difficult.  

This is often marked by stiff, tight feelings in your joints and pain as they bend and compress.

If you find that your movement is inhibited by joint pain, make sure to consult with your personal physician to prevent further risk of injury and discomfort.


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