How Night Splints Help Treat Plantar Fasciitis
Posted on Dec 21, 2016
Want to treat your plantar fasciitis at home? Many people use Night Splints to lessen plantar fasciitis pain everyday. The device is designed to put the foot in the best position for recovery during the night. We’ll explain exactly how it works and why night splints are one of the best devices to have in your arsenal for pain relief.

How Do Night Splints Work?

Night Splints work by stretching the calf and plantar fascia of the foot as you sleep. This helps to minimize stress on the areas of the foot that are inflamed. Many users find that the morning pain they experience in their feet are reduced drastically. Night splints also help provided the supportive stretching the user may need throughout the day while they are on their feet. The support can potentially aid work, exercise and many other everyday routines.

Benefits of Wearing Night Splints

The most exciting thing about night splints is that they gently stretch the fascia! The user doesn’t feel overwhelming discomfort while wearing them. Once stretched out, the plantar fascia will be less tense. This means the user will experience less pain! For some people wearing the splints overnight works best. However, many other users report feeling more benefits after wearing the splints for a longer period of time. When first starting to use night splints you should try to only wear them for about one hour. You should gradually extend the amount of time you spend in the splints each night.

The Ugly Truth About Night Splints

Night splints serve as a great tool for pain relief! However, they can be a bit cumbersome to deal with on a regular basis. The splints are usually bulky and difficult to move around in. Most night splints aren’t that pretty to look at either. At The Healing Sole we’ve created a flip-flop that is even more effective than night splints. Our flip-flop is a consumer grade medical device that eases plantar fasciitis pain. Our sleek, stylish and lightweight flip-flop can be used any time throughout the day. The six pain relief methodologies designed into the flip-flop all work to create a healing atmosphere for your feet. Click below for more information about The Healing Sole!