How NMN Improves Muscle Recovery & Strength
Posted on Jul 28, 2022

What Is NMN?

Nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN) is a precursor molecule to Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+). NAD+ is a coenzyme present in all living organisms and is vital for DNA expression, which makes proteins and other functional products for survival.  NAD+ is also the primary electron shuttle between the Kreb’s cycle and the electron transport chain.

The human body has natural levels of NAD+, but this amount significantly decreases as we age. This can lead to negative outcomes like decreased insulin sensitivity, disfunctional or damaged mitochondria and susceptibility to diseases associated with aging.

NMN is also beneficial for increasing your aerobic capacity during exercise, allowing you to work harder.

Because NAD+ influences your mitochondria, it assists in the conversion of nutrients to energy. It also helps produce repair enzymes in muscular tissue. Both these features of NAD+ are vital for muscular movement and repair.

Stages of Muscle Repair

Your muscles undergo pressure everyday and are an essential part of your mobility, which is why it’s important to know how they work and how to help them.

When you exercise, you’re more susceptible to muscular damage, leading to the destruction phase. If this happens, your body will work to repair the damaged area, and then on remodeling the muscle tissue. While you want to avoid serious damage, this process is also important in allowing your muscles to adapt and become stronger over time. Meanwhile protein synthesis must take place as well.  

During the repair process, cells referred to as macrophages clean up the damaged cells and tissue. This occurs throughout the day, but a lot of repair takes place while you sleep. This is why it’s important to get proper sleep consistently, so your body has the time it needs to recuperate. Likewise, most repair functions are optimized in a fasted state.  

Having a healthy circadian rhythm, or sleep pattern, ensures you’re maximizing your NAD+ availability.

The final stage is what’s known as remodeling. This phase tends to start during the repair process and involves rebuilding tissue. NAD+ is an essential in producing the enzymes that allow for muscular repair.

Help Your Muscle Recovery With NMN

Dr. Warner believes in an active lifestyle for all the benefits it provides. Exercise is a great way to improve your inflammatory response and maintain your overall health. If you’re able to recover more quickly, then you can continue doing what you love.

That’s why she developed her single-ingredient NMN capsules. NMN creates more NAD+ and opportunity to grow into the life you want to live. This NMN supplement is part of her larger Longevity Series that focuses on the benefits of aging optimally.