How The Healing Sole 2.0 Treats Foot Pain
Posted on Oct 06, 2022

If you’ve given feedback on The Healing Sole, then just know - we were listening, and we’re back with a new and improved version of the Original.

So… What’s The Difference?

If you’ve visited our website recently, then you may have noticed our new Original II and asked yourself (or us) “What’s the difference?”

While we didn’t make changes to any major pain-relieving features, we did make the flip flops more comfortable, based on your prior feedback about the toe post and straps.

We didn’t want anything to discourage you from making progress with your healing and long-term goals!

The toe post is now thinner, so it’s more comfortable between your toes, and will result in less discomfort during that initial break-in period.

And while it’s common to experience discomfort while breaking in a new pair of shoes, including minor blistering while they adjust to your feet, we wanted to minimize this for you as much as possible with our Original II.

So, we’ve improved the stitching in our straps to make them more smooth against the skin, and so you don’t experience rubbing while they adjust to your feet.

Does the Original II Work As Well For Pain Relief?

You may be wondering if there were any structural changes to The Healing Sole Original that would change the way it works to relieve pain and symptoms of plantar fasciitis.

We haven’t made any changes to the way The Healing Sole works to promote recovery, stretching and relief.

The features that help strengthen and stretch the foot are still the same. The Original still has a Cluffy raised toe lift, raised arch support, rocker bottom sole, metatarsal bar, compressible inner heel, and non-compressible outer heel.

Even though our flip flops were designed for plantar fasciitis relief, we hope you view them as a tool you can use for overall foot health. The rocker bottom sole helps you stretch your plantar fascia, while the compressible inner heel and non-compressible outer heel provide relief and balance with each step.

We also received a lot of feedback and questions concerning the firm sole of The Healing Sole. We didn’t make changes to this particular feature, because this aspect of the design was intentional.

Flip flops are generally viewed in a negative light when it comes to foot health, because they’re squishy and lack adequate support (like other orthopedic shoes). However, our firm rocker bottom sole provides greater stability while helping you strengthen the core muscles of the foot.

We want you to feel more empowered when it comes to your health, and we hope our latest design, The Original II, can help reduce the burden on your time and wallet that comes with traditional plantar fasciitis treatment.