How THS Works To Support High Arches
Posted on May 28, 2022

The Impact of High Arches

The arches of your feet help support your body weight and tendons used for daily motion.

If you have high arches, daily activities like walking or standing for long periods of time can become painful. 

Because a high arch is further from the ground, excessive weight is placed on the ball and heel of the foot.   The configuration of the smaller bones in the middle of the foot (arch apex) is under high stress as well.  

 The uneven weight distribution caused by high arches can place strain on or ‘inflame’ your plantar fascia ligament, leading to plantar fasciitis.

Other symptoms of a high arch can include an inward-tilting heel, toes that are bent when standing, and instability. High arches can also lead to conditions like hammertoe and claw toe. Pain in the ball of the foot is especially common with this particular foot type.

Recovery, Relief, and Strengthening Benefits of The Healing Sole

With high arches, finding well-fitting shoes can be a challenge, but it’s important to find shoes that work with your feet to distribute weight evenly and provide a greater sense of stability.

The Healing Sole targets the symptoms of high arches, as well as symptoms of resulting conditions like plantar fasciitis.   The straps accommodate the higher depth of a foot with a high arch. (Many times when the length of the shoe is right, the depth is not for this type of shoe.)

Wearing The Healing Sole for a couple of hours during your mornings and evenings can provide relief while strengthening the muscles in your feet (it is designed to promote the use of foot muscles). It’s intended to be worn as a recovery tool and not all day, or as a replacement for your regular shoes. In fact, Dr. Warner often recommends that one change shoes during the day; this allows the use of different muscle groups.

The Healing Sole Patented Design

The patented design includes a raised toe lift (cluffy wedge) and rocker bottom sole that work together to gently stretch the plantar fascia. This stretch, along with a low-profile but supportive arch support, a compressible inner heel, and a non-compressible outer heel can assist with even weight distribution in your feet.

The Healing Sole design also prioritizes structural support over cushion - giving you stability while helping to develop the overall strength of your foot muscles.

If you have other conditions that cause pain in your toes, balls of your feet, or forefoot, the Palmer might be a more ideal option. It still provides relief, but without the raised toe lift.