How To Maintain Proper Posture While Running
Posted on Dec 30, 2016

 Maintaining proper posture while running is extremely important to your training success. Striving for the perfect form can help your body exert energy more efficiently and decrease the risk of injuries.

As Dr. Warner, creator of The Healing Sole began to train for her half-marathon of The Louisiana Marathon she realized that many athletes may not pay enough attention to their form! Check out these 5 major areas to look out for when running.

Your Head

Even though your head is relatively small compared to the rest of your body, it plays an integral role in your running form. How you hold your head helps to dictate the rest of your posture. Hold your head up and look forward naturally, not down at your feet or the ground. A great tip is to quickly scan the environment in front of you. This helps to naturally align your neck and back.

Your Shoulders

Your shoulders are another important aspect of keeping your upper body relaxed while running. Try to keep them loose and relaxed as opposed to tight and rigid. Additionally, keep them level and not tilted.

Your Arms

The entire goal of achieving the perfect running form in keeping a very loose and well posture upper body. Your arms and hand have the ability to control the tension of your entire upper body. Try keeping them swinging forward and backward, not crossing them against your body. Dr. warner suggests that you DO NOT clinch your fists tightly while running as this can be counter-productive towards keeping your upper body loose and relaxed.

Your Hips

Your hip movement is one of the most important aspects of your form. Being that your hips are your center of gravity, the position of your back and torso are also affected by your hips Try not to learn to far forward while running. Leaning forward too much will put pressure on your back, which can lead to back pain.

Your Ankles/Feet

Since Dr. Warner is a board-certified orthopedic surgeon with a specialty in foot and ankle, she knows a thing or two about the mechanics of the foot! She emphasizes that many runners are not aware of the importance of the movement of their feet when running. “When running, your feet need to push off of the ground with great force. However, it should hit the ground lightly, not loudly,” she explains. “The goal is to land somewhere in between your heel and your mid-foot. Then, your feet should swiftly roll forward to your toes with each stepping motion. Additionally, runners should push off with their toes for added force.” The idea is that the mechanics of the foot along with your calf muscles should push or propel you forward. While training for this half-marathon, she is using this opportunity to incorporate her extensive knowledge of the body into her training routine. She is learning more about herself every day as she trains. Dr. Warner also hopes that she is able to inspire others to push themselves to achieve anything they set their mind to.