How to Treat Plantar Fasciitis with April L. Butcher!
Posted on Oct 01, 2015

Louisiana native and vlogprenuer, April L. Butcher, slid her feet into The Healing Sole and kicked plantar fasciitis to the curb! After stopping by our booth at Collision, America's fastest growing tech conference, Butcher decided to give our flip-flop a try. She lived in her heels throughout her 20s but had to leave them behind once she started work in the healthcare industry. Tennis shoes became her go-to footwear. Whenever it came time to pull the heels off the shelf for a special occasion her feet suffered. Aching heel pain and soreness became a norm for her, even when she put on her tennis shoes.

After a visit to her podiatrist, Butcher was diagnosed with plantar fasciitis and has been searching for a viable treatment ever since. She tried night splints, therapy, and other treatments, never finding a solution to suit her lifestyle. Stumbling upon our booth at Collision changed her outlook on treating plantar fasciitis and finally gave her an option that worked for her feet. Check out her review on The Healing Sole above! Congrats April, we're glad you can finally stand tall in your heels again.